„Krautzone“ (Magazine)

The Magazine „Krautzone“ calls itself „libertarian-conservative“. It started in autumn 2017 and is published two-monthly. It is also antifeminist and partly monarchist. Editor in chief is Florian Müller and Managing director is Hannes Plenge. There are some connections to the

37 Gang

Far-right Telegram chat and collective of YouTube livestreamers who are hostile to Patriotic Alternative from a British nationalist perspective.

Academia Christiana

“Identitarian and catholic” youth organisation and training institute founded in 2013. They promote rootedness, patriotism, defending a “third way” to live with a community against neoliberalism and marxism. They organise conferences, training weekends and yearly summer camps.

Academia Christiana Deutschland

Academia Christiana’s sister organisation based in Germany, launched in 2019, yearly organising seminars for a young public.

Acción Juvenil Valencia

Organization created in June 2020 in Valencia and that is presented on its networks as a «militant, nationalist, sportsman and youth group anti-drug that defends the interests of the Valencian people. Job, struggle and tradition ». In full alarm over

Acción Social

ASTRURIAS. The group defines itself as a social-patriot association, and begins its activity at end of 2015. Since then it has carried out numerous activities in various locations in the region, such as food collections, rallies and demonstrations, campaigns, training

Action Française

The Action française (Centre Royaliste d’Action Française (CRAF)) is a counter-revolutionary nationalist and monarchist organisation founded in 1898 by Charles Maurras, Maurice Pujo and Henri Vaugeois, in the historical context of the Dreyfus affair. It is known for its xenophobia

Agenda Europe

See Intolerance Network leak for Agenda Europe data. Abstract of 2018 EPF report “In 2013, 20 US and European campaigners began strategizing ‘achievable goals’ to roll back human rights for sexual and reproductive health in Europe. Documents have recently

Alcalá 1247

Born in early 2018, it defines itself as the Patriot Social Collective of Alcalá de Guadaira (Madrid), with the motto “History-Identity-Tradition-Social Justice”. During the pandemic, he directed his criticism to the management by the Government and they join the campaign

Alliance for Peace and Freedom

The Alliance for “Peace and Freedom” (APF) is a far-right European political party founded on 4 February 2015. The main member parties had been involved in the now defunct European National Front. The party wishes to establish a network of

Almanya Türk Federasyon

(„German Turk Federation“) **Seat:** Frankfurt am Main **Strength:** 7,500 (2011) **Short description:** The ATF is part of the movement of the Turkish fascist Bozkurtlar („Grey Wolfes“), also known as „Ülkücü“ („Idealists“). Since the 1970s the movement is also active in

Almería Inconforme

Organization created in 2015, the year in which only its participation in an act of tribute to “the fallen” on the beach of La Garrofa, organized by Falange, and its collaboration with the campaign «Caravana del Sur», a food collection

Alpha Men Assemble

Anti-lockdown activists with a large group on encrypted messaging app Telegram, which has nearly 7,000 members. They have been holding training sessions, [including boxing drills, at various places in the UK and claim to be planning direct action]( Alpha Men


**Alternative** is a far-right group that is a relatively independent part of the Azov Movement. The group was founded and headed by **Mikhail Shalankevich** (aka Hans), an immigrant from Russia. Shalankevich was a member of **Restrukt**, one of Russia’s most


Alvarium is an identitarian organisation based in Angers, founded in 2017 by Jean-Eudes Gannat. It is dissolved on November 17th 2021 by the French governement for inciting to discrimination and hate on the basis of race, sexuality, gender and religion


Seat: Schnellroda The publishing house was founded in 2000 as “Edition Antaios” and is run by the radical new right Götz Kubitschek. The publishing house is presumably named after the magazine Antaios, edited by Ernst Jünger and published from 1959

Arktos UK

International far-right publisher’s UK division. Traditional Britain Group founder [Gregory Lauder-Frost is the head of Arktos UK]( and has arranged for stalls to be held at a variety of far-right events, such as the now defunct London Forum events.

Artgemeinschaft – Germanische Glaubensgemeinschaft

The “Artgemeinschaft – Germanische Glaubensgemeinschaft” (AG GGG) is a neo-pagan neo-Nazi sect. It was founded in 1951 by Wilhelm Kusserow and Alfred Conn, a former leader of the Hamburg SA. They meet for neo-pagan rituals such as the “Julmondfeier”. Supposedly,

Asociación Cultural Alfonso I

Association created in 2012 in the city of Cantabria to defend identity, threatened according to they explain on their website, for multiculturalism and globalization. They advocate for suppression of autonomies and the exit of Spain from NATO and the Union

Asociación Cultural In Memoriam Juan Ignacio

Created in September 2011 in memory of Juan Ignacio González Ramírez, leader of the neo-fascist organization Frente de la Juventud, assassinated in 1980. The Youth Front was an organization from Fuerza Nueva that perpetrated numerous violent acts for several years

Asociación de Abogados Cristianos

Association of lawyers created in 2008 dedicated to denouncing before the courts feminist groups or actions that they consider offensive to religious sentiments.

Asociación Rodrigo de Bastidas

SEVILLA. Youth association for the promotion of identity activities, historical, cultural and social, active since October 2017. Rodrigo de Bastidas was a Sevillian conqueror who participated in the voyages of Columbus. His activity to date has consisted of commemorating symbolic

Association of Orthodox Experts

The Association of Orthodox Experts (APE) is an organization of politically active Orthodox laymen led by Orthodox activist Kirill Frolov that persecutes anyone who opposes Patriarch Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church. The organization has become notorious for filing numerous

Auctorum Social

“Social” organisation founded in October 2019 under the banner of “Identity, Community, Social Justice” in Versailles. Similar to Bastion Social (dissolved in April 2019) and Génération Identitaire (dissolved in March 2021), it aims at distributing supplies to French people in

Audace Lyon

Created in September 2019 from the ashes of Bastion Social. It has similar goals and similar people involved: protecting identity and conducting “social” activities for French people only.


Seat: Linz **Short description:** The far right Online-TV „Alternatives Unabhängiges Fernsehen Kanal 1“ (AUF-TV) was launched in May of 2021. Editor in chief is Stefan Magnet, a former leading member of the neonazist „Bunde freier Jugend“ (BfJ). AUF-TV supports the

Avanguardia Ordinovista

Avanguardia Ordinovista is a neo-fascist group inspired by the formation of the terrorist faction ‘New Order’, banned in 1976 for inspiration from the Mussolini’s regime. The group dreamed of a new Italy, cleansed of immigrants and with women at home,

Avant Guarde

L’Avant Guarde is a organisation/movement that aims to create and sustain political engagement at the local level through an active network. It was created in 2015 by Charles Millon (president), Charles Beigbeder and Julie Graziani. The motivating values are the

Avrupa Türk Birligi

(„European Turkish Societies“) **Seat:** Köln **Strength:** 1,200 **Short description:** The ATIB is part of the Turkish fascist movement of the Bozkurtlar („Grey Wolfes“), also known as „Ülkücü“ („Idealists“). Since the 1970s the movement is also active in the Turkish community

Avrupa Türk Kültür Dernekleri Birliği

**Seat:** Ludwigshafen am Rhein **Strength:** ??? **Short description:** The ATF is part of the movement of the Turkish fascist Bozkurtlar („Grey Wolfes“), also known as „Ülkücü“ („Idealists“). Since the 1970s the movement is also active in the Turkish community in

Azov Movement

The Azov Movement is the largest far-right association in Ukraine. It consists of three main structures: the **Azov Regiment** of the National Guard of Ukraine (the military wing), the **National Corps** party (the political wing) and the **National Vigilantes**, renamed

Azov Regiment

The Azov Regiment (initially Azov Battalion) is a radically politicized unit that is part of the National Guard of Ukraine, subordinate to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. It was created in the spring of 2014 on the basis of the

Bastión Frontal

Youth collective founded in Madrid. They are defined as: «A movement youth nationalist who arises to confront the decadent economic, political and social situation to which we Spaniards now we face”. They arise in May 2020 and bring together members

Bastion Social

Neo-fascist organisation born from the ashes of the Groupe Union Défencse (GUD) in 2017 in Lyon, and inspired by the Italian neo-fascist movement Casa Pound. It opened local sections in Lyon (Lugdunum – Bastion Social) and inspired local sections in

Belgrade Nationalist

A new network of far-right organizations that is specific compared to the previous ones. First, it is not tied to the states of the structure, nor is it in favor of Russia. Ukraine has become a new center of gathering

Black hundred

“Black Hundred” is a far-right monarchist book publisher that was founded in 2013 by two students Dmitry Bastrakov and Nikita Lukinsky. Publishers have opened a bookstore “Listva” in St. Petersburg and Moscow. “Black Hundred” is a common name for right-wing

Blood & Honour Schweiz / Combat 18 Schweiz

**Strength:** 150-200 (2007) **Short desciption:** The chapter Switzerland of Blood & Honour is part of the international network. The Swiss chapter was founded 1997/98 in the german speaking part and 2003 in the french speaking part of the country („Romandie“).

Blood & Honour UK

The Blood & Honour network continues to exist although it has not organised many shows in 2020. The network organises most of the Nazi punk shows in the UK but not all. The [annual Ian Stuart Donaldson (ISD) show]( did

Blood &Honor Serbia

Founded on June 25, 1995. The Serbian branch is an organization that gathers domestic Nazi skinheads and its most significant actions were memorial concerts in honor of the birthdays of Adolf Hitler and other Nazi criminals. In Serbia, there are

Blood&Honour Germany

(„Blood&Honour Germany“) **Short description:** Blood&Honour in Germany was officially forbiden by the state in 2000. But there are still structures of B&H. Blood&Honour Germany and Austria presents themself with Tshirts with „Blood & Honour Central Europe Division“. The organization is

Bordeaux Nationaliste

Activist group in Bordeaux close to Yvan Benedetti’s party Les Nationalistes.

British Movement

The British Movement (BM) organise an annual whites-only camping trip they describe as the ‘Sunwheel Festival’, this does not appear to have happened in 2020. BM had an influx of members from National Action prior to their ban and have

Bulgarian National Union

The Bulgarian National Union (officially registered as the Bulgarian National Union – Edelweiss), abbreviated BNS/BNU Edelweiss, is a far-right informal organization in Bulgaria based in Sofia, founded in 2000 by Boyan Rasate, which is considered to be the conceptual successor

C14/The Basics of Future

**The Basics of Future (former C14)** is a radical far-right organization based in Kyiv. It was founded in 2009 by members of the Svoboda Party. From the beginning to the present day, the leader of the organization has been **Yevhen

Carrefour de l’Horloge

Carrefour de l’Horloge (known as Club de l’Horloge until 2015) is a national-liberal think tank founded in 1974 by Jean-Paul Antoine, Yvan Blot, Jean-Yves Le Gallou, Henry de Lesquen, Didier Maupas and Bernard Mazin. It is presided by Henry de


Casaggì is the right-wing student organization set in Florence (Tuscany), that defines itself as “identitarian”. Their social network accounts are a showcase of old right-wing paraphernalia with tens of racist users’ comments, a virtual army of “haters”. Its symbol is


The Spanish Circle of Friends of Europe (CEDADE) was a group of national socialist ideology created in Barcelona in 1966 and dissolved in 1993. It constituted an international network for the dissemination of neo-Nazi propaganda. It was related to the


The origin of this association and social center takes place in 2006, when, in his own words: “A group of young people with experience in different patriotic projects understood necessary for Salamanca the creation of a meeting point for the

Centuria/National Vigilantes

Centuria (the National Vigilantes) is the paramilitary wing of the Azov Movement. The National Vigilantes were founded in 2017 ostensibly to help the police ensure public order. The video of the presentation by members of the National Vigilantes prompted public

Chelsea Headhunters

Chelsea’s neo-Nazi hooligan gang are still active and have attended several far-right protests over the past six years. Notably being involved in heavy [clashes with anti-fascists in a coach station in Maidstone, Kent in 2016]( and [attacking a pub where


Citadel is a neo-fascist online community runned by rightwing activist and ideologist Gleb Ervier. Citadel produces right-wing video propaganda and distribute through different social media platforms. Citadel Productions shot a far-right documentary named after book by belgian nazi collaborator Leon


Foundation created by Hazte Oír in August 2013 to promote international campaigns with ultra-Catholic content.

Collegium Intermarium

Partner university with Marion Maréchal’s ISSEP.

Combat 18

Defunct neo-Nazi terrorist group which was started by the British National Party (BNP) to act as its security wing. The ’18’ is a numeric code for ‘Adolf Hitler’. Combat 18 (C18) no longer exists, in the UK, in any meaningful

Combat 18 Deutschland

Strength: 50 (2020) **Short description:** In Germany there were different groups which used the label C18. They were linked to violence and terrorism. For example in the year 2007 a C18-member shot and wounded a Tunesian man in Dortmund. In


PUBLIC Comhrá ran a series of events in Dublin from 2017 onwards promoting far-right themes but haven’t been very active since 2019 (Twitter account is suspended). US white nationalist, Jared Taylor of American Renaissance spoke at their 7th October 2017

Comité de liason et d’aide nationaliste

CLAN is an organisation created in 2012 to support nationalist activists in France and Europe who get arrested by the Police. They aim to provide moral, financial and legal support to the targeted activists and their families.

Community of the Twelve Rays

The Community of the Twelve Rays (Do.Ra.) – inspired by the twelve rays of the esoteric ‘nazi black sun’ – was born in February 2012 in Varese, from the union of Ultras “7 Laghi” and Varese Skinheads, two groups connected

COMPACT (magazine)

**Short description:** The far right magazine is published on a monthly basis. It starts 2010. In 2018 it had an edition of 40,000. Editor in chief is Jürgen Elsässer. It also operates a Internet-TV, „Compact TV“ **First Source:** – Homepage:


The Comunidad Política Vértice is an organization that emerged in 2018 and that It was presented in Almería by two Falangist militants: Miguel Ángel Póo and José Julio Cuevas Muela. Both were on the Falange Española de las JONS lists

Conservative Russia

Russia Conservative is a right-wing patriotic conservative community founded on 1 May 2020. There are currently five online groups: Yekaterinburg, Southern Urals, Tver, St. Petersburg, Moscow. Not to be confused with the Conservative Party of Russia, which was deregistered in


Conservator is a small right wing community organised by Valentina Bobrova and her husband Mihail Ochkin on remains of their National Conservative Movement. Valentina Bobrova also organised a Conservator Discussion Club but it was closed by authorities. There is a

Demo für alle

The „Demo für alle“ (DfA, „Rally for all“) is an organisation of the christian right in Germany. They are strongly antifeminist and Anti-Gender. The supporting association of the “Demo für alle” is “Ehe-Familie-Leben e.V.” based in Magdeburg. It was founded

Democratic Football Lads Alliance

[The DFLA has never really recovered from it’s October 2018 defeat on the streets]( of London when a large coalition of anti-fascists blocked the route of it’s march and the DFLA’s attempt to attack this coalition was violently rebuffed by

Des Tours et des Lys

Local neofascist group active in Tours. Similar to other local groups such as Auctorum in Versailles, Lyon Populaire, Alvarium in Angers, their activities revolve around the promotion of identitarian slogans, physical training, “social” help and building and defending the “community”.


(„Desiderius-Erasmus-Foundation“) **Short description:** The Desiderius Erasmus Stiftung e.V. (DES ; Desiderius Erasmus Foundation) is the party foundation of the AfD was registered in November 2017. **Primary sources:** – Homepage: (German) **Secondary sources:** – Wikipedia: (English)

Deutsche Burschenschaft

(„German Brotherhood“) **strengh:** 7,000 members (2020) in almost 70 fraternities **Short description:** The ‘Deutsche Burschenschaft’ (DB) is an male association of academic fraternities. Originally were the ‘Burschenschaften’ founded in 1817. Their motto is „Ehre – Freiheit – Vaterland“ („Honor –

Deutsche Stimme

Seat: Riesa (Saxony) The “Deutsche Stimme” is a former monthly newspaper which changed since 2020 to the format of a magazine. It is the a publication of the NPD. Editor in chief is Peter Schreiber. It was founded 1976. First

Devenir Europeo

Association founded in 2007, declared National Socialist, led by neo-Nazi Ramón Bau Fradera, founder and later Secretary General of the neo-Nazi organization CEDADE. Bau is considered one of the ideologues of neo-Nazism in Spain. Devenir Europeo bases its activity on

Die Kehre

„Die Kehre“ is a far right Magazine with focus on the topics enviromentalism and ecology. It was founded in May 2020 and was initiated by „Ein Prozent“. Seat is Dresden. The Magazine is associated with the „Oikos Verlag“. Editor in

Double-headed eagle society

Society for the Development of Russian Historical Education “Double-headed eagle society” was set up on 1 November 2015. After the convention in November 2020, the organisation was renamed Tsargrad. The same name is given to the group of companies of

Égalité et Réconciliation

Organisation created in 2007 and former Groupe Union Défense (GUD) members. It revolves around Alain Soral, still its president, and promotes an ideology based on national-socialism, antisemitism, and is known for spreading conspiracy theories (fed by the COVID-19 pandemic).

Ein Prozent e.V.

(„One Percent“) **Short description:** ‘Ein Prozent’ is a 2017 founded german fascist network, which supportes the new right activities. **Seat:** Kurt-Beyer-Str. 2, 01237 Dresden **Finances:** – In 2015 the organisation spent 10.000 Euro to the „Identitäre Bewegung in Österreich“. –


Eléments is a magazine founded as an official media outlet for the GRECE, the research group of the French Nouvelle Droite (New Right). It is published every other month. Alain de Benoist is one of the founders and was the

English Defence League

An anti-Muslim street protest organisation which emerged as the British National Party (BNP) was collapsing and [around 35,000 people are estimated to have attended their demonstrations]( through the course of their existence. Led by former BNP member Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, who

Équipe Communautaire Paris

Équipe Communautaire Paris (ECP) is one of the local groups of the white supremacist Les Braves (formerly Suavelos), and also there biggest section with more than 50 members in the Paris region. It is advertised as a network promoting “community

Ethnic National Union

The Ethnic National Union (ENO) is a decentralized, autonomous, political organization of national socialists. Originally an informal association created on the principles of anonymity by a number of former activists of the NSO, former members of the separate special forces

Europa Terra Nostra

**Short description:** The Foundation „Europa Terra Nostra“ (ETN) was founded in July 2015 in Berlin. It is the foundation of the „Alliance for Peace and Freedom“ (APF). It had its seat in the headquarter of the NPD in Berlin. ETN

Europäische Solidaritätsfront für Kosovo

**Short description:** Founder and active member of the „European Solidarity Front“ – Section Germany is the Neonazi Maik Müller from Chemnitz, former from Dresden. He was head of the 2007 founded „Aktionsbündnis gegen das Vergessen“, which organised the big fascist

European Center for Law and Justice

The European Center for Law and Justice (ECLJ) is a internation conservative Christian NGO headed by Grégor Puppinck since 2009. Its work his organisation focuses on lobbying to the UN and EU mainly, but also to other national institutions on


[FEDErAction]( (FEDErAzione) is an identitarian and nationalist voluntary service network with about twenty local realities, attributable to militant communities of the neo-fascist area of ​​the northern but also of southern Italy in the case of spaces, such as the Forum

Feuerkrieg Division

A [group of neo-Nazi teenagers]( which was proscribed in July 2020 for encouraging neo-Nazi terrorism online. The group announced it was disbanding in February 2020.

Fondation Polémia

Identitarian think tank and media founded in 2002 by Jean-Yves Le Gallou (ex- GRECE, FN and MNR). It aims at defending “identity, security and European freedom” through an activity of “re-information” in front the “media tyranny”. It accordingly organises the

Foro Catalán de la Familia / Catalan Family Forum

[Created in February 2007]( as an entity attached to the Spanish Family Forum. Its objectives include the prohibition of abortion, euthanasia and homosexual marriage.

Fortress Europe

In 2019, on the eve of Adolf Hitler’s birthday in Sofia, *Bulgarian National Union* (BNU) launched a new multinational organisation by the name of *Fortress Europe*. Among the founding members, are the French* Les Nationalistes*, Hungary’s* Légió Hungária*, Czechia’s *Národní


Fraction is an identitarian national-revolutionary rock band founded in 1994 and mainly active until 2007, but which initiated a come-back since 2019. Central members have been the identitarians Fabrice Robert -still active- and Philippe Vardon, both former members of Front


**Freikorps** is a Kharkiv-based far-right militarized organization with a cell in Ivano-Frankivsk. The name Freikorps refers to eponymous volunteer squads in Austria and Germany. In the 20th century, this name was adopted by members of far-right paramilitary formations that fought

Freilich (magazine)

‘Freilich’ is a far right magazine in Austria. It startetd December 2018 and is the follower of the magazine „Die Aula“. Editor in chief is Ulrich Novak The Managing Director is Heinrich Sickl The edition at the start was 10,000.

Frente Atlético

Ultra fan group of the Club Atlético de Madrid founded in 1982 and which in 2014 had around 4,000 members.

Fundación Francisco Franco

The Francisco Franco National Foundation is a private institution that It was created in 1976 to spread the memory and work of the dictator Francisco Franco. It has legal personality as a cultural association. Its main activity is the management

Furie française

Furie française (formerly known as La Meute) is a far-right group active in Toulouse, born out of the ashes of Génération Identitaire, dissolved in March 2021.


Seat: Hawermannweg 16, 18069 Rostock The „GegenUni UG (haftungsbeschränkt)“ is an online education project of the New Right, which started in 2021. Founder is Erik Ahrens from Frankfurt/Main. The „GegenUni“ cooperated with the „Institut für Staatspolitik“ and can be seen

Génération A

Support organisation to Asselineau’s UPR, launched on December 13 2021 by Fabien Sémat, decidated to spread the party’s idea to younger people. Obviously echoes Zemmour’s “Génération Z”, RN’s “Géneration Nation” and even “Génération Identitaire”.

Génération Identitaire

Génération Identitaire was founded in 2012 (dissolved in 2021), originally as the youth section of the Identitarian Bloc (Bloc Identitaire) but became autonomous in 2016. The organisation aims at defending a white “indigenous” European identity in front to extra-European immigration

Génération Identitaire Belgique

Section of Generation Identity in Belgium set up in February 2021.

Generation Identity UK and Eire

[Generation Identity UK and Eire]( was [renamed the Identitarian Movement which no longer exists]( Former activists are now in [Local Matters](, Identity England and Patriotic Alternative.

Génération Z

Génération Z (Génération Zemmour) is a youth movement and organisation launched by young activists in February 2021 to support Eric Zemmour’s candidacy to the presidential elections. Even though it is presented as an independent mouvement which was not at Zemmour’s

German Volunteer Corps

In February 2023, a “German Volunteer Corps” (“DFK”) was formed in Ukraine with extreme right-wing volunteers fighting on the Ukrainian side. It sees itself in a National Socialist tradition. On June 22, 2023, the following text was posted on Telegram

Gesellschaft für freie Publizistik e.V.

(„society for free Journalism“) **seat:** Klosterhof 4, 37194 Wahlsburg (Germany) **short description:** The GfP is a German an Austrian association of far right publishers an authors. Chairman is Martin Pfeiffer from Austria. **First source:** – Homepage:


Founded at the end of 2019, it takes the name of another existing group years ago of the same ideology in the Madrid town. With hardly any activity, its journey begins coinciding with the pandemic and direct their campaigns and

Greenline Front (GLF)

Greenline Front (GLF) is an international network which originated in Eastern Europe, with chapters in a variety of countries such as Argentina, Belarus, Chile, Germany, Italy, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Spain and Switzerland. Operating as a loose network, GLF is held

GRIPT media

Gript media is a website with a national to international focus that has been described as [right wing](, [alt right]( and far right (MeNeely, Gary. “Mum’s fears over anti-abortion vid; Far-right propaganda bid,” The Sun UK. October 18, 2019. Accessed

Groupe Union Défense

Groupe Union Défense (GUD) was a national-revolutionary far-right student organisation founded in 1968. It is known for its violent street activism and in 2017 it becomes Bastion Social.

Hammerskin Spain

Spanish delegation of the international group Hammerskin, outlawed in 2009.

Hammerskins Deutschland

(„Hammerskins Germany“) **strength:** 150 members (2018) **Short description:** The Hammerskins are active in Germany since 1992. There are conflicts with Blood&Honour because of the RAC-Music-Businesss. Intern meetings in Europa called „European Officers Meeting“ (EOM) and in one country „National Officers

Hammerskins Schweiz / Schweizer Hammerskins, Crew 38

**Strength:** dozens **Short description:** The SHS Schweiz started at the beginning of the 1990s. Hammerskins and Hells Angels Schweiz share the Security-Job-Business. They organise a Hammerfest every year. PNOS-President Florian Gerber is member of the SHS. Members of SHS/C38 are:

Hazte Oír

HazteOir is a Spanish far-right, ultra-Catholic and ultra-conservative association founded by Ignacio Arsuaga in February 2001. Since 2013 he has been part of the CitizenGo pressure group, an organization with similar characteristics founded by HazteOir herself.

Hearts of Oak

Hearts of Oak held a poorly attended rally in summer 2020 which was addressed by Yaxley-Lennon over a video link. Hearts of Oak has the support of right-wing YouTuber Carl Benjamin, also known as Sargon of Akkad as well as

Heritage and Destiny

Heritage and Destiny (H&D) produce a regular magazine and organise the annual John Tyndall memorial meetings. No meeting happened in 2020 but they are expected to resume once the pandemic is over. H&D have been represented at both PA conferences

Hogar Social Madrid

Hogar Social Madrid (HSM) emerged in 2014 with the occupation of a empty property in a migrant and multicultural working-class neighborhood of Madrid. They copy the model of the Italian fascist group CasaPound, born in 2003, which started occupying a

Holy Druzhina

The Holy Druzhina is an alliance of far-right Orthodox organisations to oppose the Maidan in Russia. It was organised on 21 April 2021 by four organisations: Conservator, Russia Triune, Union of Orthodox Banner-Bearers, and the Association of Orthodox Experts. Other

Hooligans gegen Salafismus

(„Hooligans against Salafism“) **Short Description:** HoGeSa is a street movement, consistend of different right wing Hooligan-Groups. **Secondary sources:** – Wikipedia: (English)

Hundred Handers

Set up by Sam Melia, now Yorkshire regional organiser for PA and husband of the fascist party’s deputy leader Laura Melia, [Hundred Handers is a sticker operation where Melia and associates produce designs for stickers]( which supporters are then encouraged

Hundriver RAC Neonazi (rock against communism) band. Latest album has song “Ustali smo” about Croatian fascist – ustaše. 01. Resistance 02. Argus skinheads 03. Nyisd ki rózsám kapudat 04. Erdély földjén 05. Kitartás bajtársak 06. Ustali smo 07. Elhangzott szavak 08.

Identitäre Bewegung Deutschland

(„Identitarian movement Germany“) **strength:** 600 members (2019) **Short description:** The “Identitarian Movement Germany” is an offshoot or imitation of the Identitarians from France. Here, the original, the “Bloc identitaire,” was founded in 2002/03. Overall, the IBD can be assigned to

Identitäre Bewegung Österreich

(„Identitarian movement Austria“) **Short description:** The ‘Identitäre Bewegung Österreich’ (IBÖ) was founded in 2012 as imitation of the oroginal from France. There are connections to the ‘Burschenschaften’. In the year 2020 they transformed into the Movement „Die Österreicher“. In Austria,

Identitäre Bewegung Schweiz

(„Identitarian Movement Switzerland“) **Short description:** The ‘Identitäre Bewegung Schweiz’ uses also the name ‘Alpenrevolte’. **First sources:** – Twitter: (German) – Homepage: (German) – Facebook: (German) – Instagram: (German)

Identity England

Identity England (IE) is led by the former London organiser of Generation Identity UK (GI UK). This group is the only attempt to keep the identitarian tendency alive in Britain, following GI UK’s expulsion from the European wide network. Initially

Imperial Legion

Imperial Legion is the military wing of the Russian Imperial Movement (RIM). In 2008, the Russian Imperial Movement formed its paramilitary organisation (military-patriotic club) Imperial Legion, headed by Denis Gariev. The group has two training centres in St Petersburg. The

In the Name of the Family

“In the Name of the Family” movement based its activities on opposing liberal tendencies in Croatian society. They especially focused on the question of family and marriage laws, sex and health education, and civic education in public schools, and by

Info-DIREKT (magazine)

**Seat:** Dieselstraße 4/28, 4030 Linz **Short description:** Info-DIREKT is a monthly far right magazine from Austria. It was founded in 2015 an has a modern desig a coffeetable magazine. Managing Director is Michael Scharfmüller. Other editors are Jan Ackermeier and

Institut de Formation Politique

IFP is a liberal-conservative training institute founded in 2004 by Jean Martinez, Thomas Millon and Alexandre Pesey (current director). The institute’s aim is to foster political engagement as early as for high-school pupils, around the opposition to the ideologies of

Institut des Libertés

IDL is a liberal-conservative and euro-skeptic think tank founded in 2012 by the millionaire Charles Gave (president), together with Jean-Jacques Netter and Jean-Claude Gruffat. The institute has an informational, training and funding purpose.

Institut für Staatspolitik

**Short description:** Thinktank of the New Right in Germany. **Secondary sources:** – Wikipedia:ür_Staatspolitik (Deutsch)

Institut Iliade

Think tank for “the long European memory” created in 2014 by Philipe Conrad (president), Jean-Yves Le Gallou and Bernard Lugan. It can be considered as the heir of the GRECE (Research and Study Group for European Civilization), the think tank

Institut Thomas More

Institut Thomas More is a conservative-liberal think tank based in Paris and Bruxelles founded in 2004 and presided by Christian Boon Falleur. It aims at defending the European heritage and identity around the values of invididual “freedom” and free-maket economy.

Iona Institute

PUBLIC The [Iona Institute]( was founded by David Quinn in 2007 and is registered in Ireland as a charity. The Iona Institute campaigns against [social]( and [reproductive]( rights. The Iona Institute is [reported]( to be in receipt of funding from

Irish Society for Christian Civilisation

PUBLIC Irish Society of Christian Civilisation (ISFCC) is the [Irish branch]( of the [International right wing religious movement, Tradition, Family, Property]( founded by Brazilian landowner and politician[ Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira]( Oliveira is known for anti-Semitic views [referring]( to Jewish

Irish Society for Saint Pius X Resistance

PUBLIC The Irish Society of Saint Pius X Resistance is an anti-Semitic religious cult based in Roscarberry, West Cork. Father Giacomo Ballini who [purchased]( the Roscarberry property in 2016 led an exorcism in December 2020 in response to pandemic restrictions

Junge Alternative

Strength: 1,700 (June 2019) Short description The „Junge Alternative für Deutschland“ (JA) is the Youth Organisation of the AfD. It was founded in 15 June 2013. The JA is more radical far right than the AfD and some of its

Junge Freiheit

Seat: Berlin **short description** The „Junge Freiheit“ (JF) is a weekly newspaper of the New Right, which was founded in 1986. Experts says that the newspaper is i a greyzone between conservatism and far right. The newspaper sympathizes with the

Junge Tat

**Short description:** ‘Junge Tat’ is the youth section of the ‘Nationalen Aktionsfront’. **First sources:** – Instagram: (German) – Telegram: (German)


The „Jungeuropa Verlag“ is a small far right publishing house with seat in Dresden. Editor is Philip Stein, which is also active in „Ein Prozent“ and member of the Burschenschaft Germania in Marburg, which is part of the „Deutsche Burschenschaft“.

Karpatska Sich

**Karpatska Sich** is a regional far-right organization operating in Uzhgorod, Transcarpathian region. It stands against ‘cultural Marxism’, by which the members of Karpatska Sich mostly mean gender politics, multiculturalism, etc. The leader of Karpatska Sich is **Taras Deyak**. The organization

Kastus Kalinovsky Battalion

Konstanty (Kastus) Kalinovsky was one of the leaders of the Polish, Lithuanian, and Belarusian national revival in the second half of the 19th century. Kalinovsky is especially revered in Belarus where he is seen as an icon of Belarusian nationalism


Katehon is a Russian righ-wing think tank owned by oligarch Konstantin Malofeev. Its official headquarters is in Moscow. The main task of this think tank is the international coordination of the dissemination of neo-Eurasian propaganda by the right-wing philosopher Alexander


“Kontrafunk” is a right-wing online radio station. It is run by German Burkhard Müller-Ullrich from Steckborn in Switzerland and addresses the entire German-speaking rum. Müller-Ullrich was co-founder of the right-wing podcast “indubio” at “Achse des Guten” in 2020. “Kontrafunk” had

La Cagoule 1937

A neo-nazi graffiti group which collaborates with many local neo-nazi and nationalist groups (Zouaves, Alvarium…). It is named in reference to a bombing attack in Paris on September 11 1937 committed by a far-right organisation CSAR (Comité secret d’action révolutionnaire)

La Cocarde Étudiante

Student union created in 2015 at Assas University in Paris by Maxime Duvauchelle, with local branches in other universities today. It aims to oppose cultural leftism in universities, immigration, and also liberalism to a certain extent. It promotes traditions, rootedness

La España en Marcha

La España en Marcha (LEM) was formed in 2013 for the 2014 European elections as a coalition of far-right parties. The coalition won 17000 votes. The stated goal of the coalition is “the recovery of patriotic greatness, opposition to disintegrating

La Manif pour Tous

Mouvement of organsations that came together in 2012 around the opposition to same-sex marriage and adoption for same-sex couples, discussed at the Parliament then. It succeeded in gathering a number of catholic-traditionalist groups into a wide movement of demonstrations. This

La Nouvelle Librairie

Historical far-right publishing house and physical book store located in Paris and re-opened by the writer François Bousquet in 2018. It is a central outlet for far-right publications including de Benoist, Camus, Institut Iliade, Langella, Le Pen, etc.

Legio Hungaria

Legion Hungária is a far-right organisation founded in 2018, independent of party politics.

Les Braves

Created in 2016 by Daniel Conversano. Originally named “Suavelos”, it was renamed “Les Braves” in 2019. Online and physical community, openly racist and white supremacist. The network claims dozens of local sections, in France but also in several European countries.

Les Remparts Lyon

Les Remparts was created in 2021 after the dissolution of Génération Identitaire. It is now the new mother organisation of the two sub-organisations not dissolved at the time yet attached to the identitarian group : La Traboule (bar) and L’Agogé

Les Zouaves Paris

Les Zouaves is a far-right violent group founded in 2018 and dissolved by the French government on January 5 2022 as is spreads neo-Nazi, racist and white supremacist, homophobic and transphobic ideologies.

Life Institute

Right wing organisation connected to militant anti-choice group Youth Defence.

Ligue du Midi

Ligue du Midi is an indentitarian political organisation working at the regional level and founded in 2011 by Richard Roudier. It defends its regional identity and strongly opposes immigration and Islam.

Livre Noir

Livre Noir is an independant media created by François de Voyer and Erik Tegner (Former Les Républicains member, excluded from the party in 2019). The main topics announced for coverage are immigration, environment, insecurity, society and industry. In practice it

Lo Nuestro

Self-proclaimed far-right group as “patriot” and “social”, with activity in Alicante and Murcia.

Local Matters

Local Matters is a side of the Identitarian Movement split which has attempted to publicly ditch identitarianism and portray themselves as localists instead. They have been relatively busy holding small-scale stunts and campaigning around local issues in the north of

London Forum

The London Forum is now largely defunct [having been infiltrated by Hope Not Hate]( and then having it’s figurehead [Jeremy Bedford-Turner jailed]( for giving an anti-Jewish speech. Many attendees of Forum events are now active in PA. Prior to the

Loyalty & Action

Loyalty & Action (LeA) is an organization born in Lombardy, opening the Milan and Monza offices almost at the same time in 2010, as a direct emanation of the Hammerskin environments (American “school” naziskin), then forging ties with various realities


Neo-fascist groupuscule active in Paris.

Lyon Populaire

Local organisation created in September 2019, from the ashes of the Bastion Social. The goals are similar: combining the protection of identity and social justice through providing supplies to French people in need, activism, and joint conferences with the connected

Málaga 1487

Extreme right group of Málaga that honors the year of the expulsion of Muslims from Malaga.


Group active since 2013 in Málaga city, takes its name from the date it the city was taken by the Catholic Monarchs. Since 2017 they have managed the La Jábega Social Center, where they deploy part of their activities as

Male State

“Male State” (MG) was created by Vladislav Pozdnyakov in October 2016 within the framework of a closed community on the social network “VKontakte”. The movement’s activities are mainly carried out in the Internet environment: community members are engaged in bullying,

Maniacs. Murder. Cult

“Maniacs. Murder. Cult” is Russia’s newest neo-Nazi terrorist organization, created by Ukrainian neo-Nazi Yegor “Maniac” Krasnov in 2017. According to Russian special services, the group’s ideology is peoplehate. **Official position** The ICU first became known in January 2021. Russian media,

MesOS Reims

Neo-nazi nationalist hooligan group in Reims.

Millwall Berserkers

Millwall hooligans have long been associated with the far right and the Millwall Berserkers are the latest group to appear in this tradition. They attended the June 2020 ‘statue defenders’ protest in a large mob of Millwall hooligans and have

Misanthropic Division

Misanthropic Division is a neo-Nazi movement with a network structure, which exists in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, as well as in a number of Western countries. According to the Investigative Committee of Russia, Misanthropic Division cells appeared in 19 countries,


Premise for activities as well as bar for the identitarian movement in Rouen. Formerly called Yggdrasil, it was renamed after the dissolution of Génération Identitaire. It advertises itself as a “cultural rooted organisation”.

Moto Club Serbs ( MC SRBI)

Moto Club Serbs was formed in 2012 and is actually a group of Neo-Nazis organized and registered as a Moto Club. This group numbers more than 70 people. Most of the members of this organization are between 30 and 45

N.S. Heute

“N.S. Heute” stands for the abbreviation “National Socialism Today” and is a bi-monthly neo-Nazi magazine published since 2017. It is aimed at young readers in the form of a lifestyle magazine. The first print run in 2017 was 1,500 copies.

Narodny Sobor

Narodny Sobor (People’s Council) is a Russian far-right social movement based on the ideas of national patriotism and orthodoxy and dedicated to the protection of public morals and traditional family values. The aim of the People’s Council is to transform

National Action

Neo-Nazi youth group, set up by former youth BNP members, which was proscribed in 2016 after Jo Cox MP was murdered and one of their supporters used an NA twitter account to say: “Only 649 MPs to go”. After NA

National Council of European Resistance

The National Council of European Resistance (Conseil national de la résistance européenne) is a pan-European political organisation created jointly by Renaud Camus and Karim Ouchikh in 2017. The official aim is to gather French and European personalities to “defend the

National Defence League

The Scottish Defence League (SDL) outlasted the English Defence League and drifted further to the right. At one point publicly associating with National Action (NA). In January 2020 the SDL was rebranded as the [National Defence League]( Despite the name

National defense Leviathan

Leviathan were founded in 2015 as an informal gang of criminals and thugs from the far right milieu who used the alleged fight for animal welfare as a cover for fascist and criminal activities. The core of the group consists

National Resistance

The *National Resistance* (NR) — an ultranationalistic movement linked to various attacks on immigrants, Roma people, Turks, LGBT groups and leftists. On June 6, 2010, four left-wing activists were attacked in a tram while on their way to a pro-immigrant

National Resistance

**The National Resistance** (NR) is an Odesa-founded organization with an active activist core in Kyiv. Together with other far-right groups, it is involved in disrupting feminist activities, criticizing ‘cultural Marxism’ and calling for the fight against anti-fascists. At the rallies,

National Support Detachment

‘Military style splinter group’ which split from fascist party Patriotic Alternative (PA) and is led by former soldier Alek Yerbury. The NSD says they will “provide active support to nationalism in Britain, through organised efforts to overcome the tactics of

National Youth (Gioventù Nazionale)

National Youth is the official youth movement of the Brothers of Italy, which brings together people aged from 13 to 30. Although recognized by the FdI, National Youth maintains its political and ideological autonomy, as well as its organizational autonomy,

Nationalsozialistischer Untergrund

The „Nationalsozialistischer Untergrund“ (NSU, German: „Nationalsozialistischer Untergrund“) was a neonazist terrorist group which existed from 1998 to 2011. It was a network with three members living in the underground: * Uwe Bönhardt (1977-2011) * Uwe Mundlos (1973-2011) * Beate Zschäpe


Nemesis is a “feminist” far-right organisation denouncing in reality a migratory “invasion” and opposing Islam, through the defense of and identitarian feminism. It is a typical example of “Femonationalism” theorised by Sarah Farris, namely the instrumentalisation of feminism for racist


Ultra-Catholic association whose ideological bases are its rejection of feminism, historical memory or homosexuality.

New Issues Group

A secretive organisation in the House of Lords called the New Issues Group (NIG) has been [exposed by anti-racist charity Hope Not Hate]( For more than a decade, the NIG has been collaborating with far-right activists. The group includes former

Nordic Resistance Movement

Nordic Resistance Movement (Swedish: Nordiska motståndsrörelsen; NMR, Norwegian Bokmål: Nordiske motstandsbevegelsen; NMB and Nynorsk: Nordiske motstandsrørsla; NMR, Finnish: Pohjoismainen Vastarintaliike; PVL, Icelandic: Norræna mótstöðuhreyfingin; NMH, Danish: Den nordiske modstandsbevægelse; NMB, Russian: Северное движение сопротивление) is a swedish official political party

North Slavic community

The North Slavic Community is a far-right paramilitary group based in St Petersburg that positions itself as a military-patriotic community of modern Cossacks. The group claims to have been operating in St Petersburg for more than 12 years, but its

Norwegian Defence League

Norwegian offshoot of the English Defence League and European Defence League promoting islamophobia. After initial leadership conflicts and about a month under the leadership of Lena Andreassen (who was dismissed by EDL liaison Steve Simmons) the NDL has been led


NS/WP is a highly dangerous russian terrorist nazi group which specializes in murders. Most of the NS/WP attacks were carried out in the late 00s and early 10s, however in the end of 2021 a new ( made by NS/WP

Oeuvre française

Founded in 1968 by Pierre Sidos (1927-2020), a historical far-right figure (OAS, Occident). He presided the organisation until 2012, when Yvan Benedetti took over the leadership. The organisation was dissolved by the French government in 2013, following the death of

Orange Vests

The Orange Vests (Gilet Arancioni) is a political movement founded in 2019 and led by former Carabinieri general Antonio Pappalardo. They got inspired by the French movement of ‘Jilet Jaune’, showing more conservative and nationalist approach. The Orange Vest Movement

Order of the Nine Angles

A neo-Nazi Satanist scene which in the 90s was believed to have less than five adherents. Since the collapse of National Action the Order of Nine Angles (O9A) has been given a significant amount of attention due to neo-Nazi terrorists

Ouest Casual

Ouest Casual is a communication channel mainly active on Telegram (but also present on Facebook), posting and re-posting violent photos, videos and propaganda messages for numerous neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups in Europe and beyond. The channel is reportedly managed,

Paris Nationaliste

Nationalist activist group based in Paris connected to Yvan Benedetti’s party Les Nationalistes.

Patria Albiges

Patria Albiges is an identitarian group in Albi, born from the ashes of Génération Identitaire, dissolved in March 2021. Some of its activists were involved in a violent assault towards two left-wing student unionists in October 2021.

Patriotische Europäer gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes

(„Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamicisation of the Occident“) **short description:** PEGIDA was founded in 11th October 2014 in Dresden. PEGIDA is a registered voluntary association, which organised rallys in Dresden till today on a two-weekly-basis. Chairman is Lutz Bachmann, who

Pedophile Lives Don’t Matter

A relatively new informal group, initiated by Alain Simeonov, 17 years old (presenting himself as ex-)Bulgarian National Union member from Sofia, Bulgaria. Generally speaking, as he puts it, “the people involved in this social movement are wakeful thinkers, mostly young,

People’s Patrol

The People’s Patrol is a far-right anti-immigrant organization established in February 2020. It is centered in Belgrade, although it also has branches in border towns such as Subotica, Sombor, Bačka Palanka, and Šid. Its members occasionally stop migrants from entering

Phalanx Europa

**Short description:** ‘Phalanx Europa’ is the Label and Brand of the Identitarian Movement in Germany and Austria. **First Source:** – Homepage: (German)

Pie & Mash Squad

The Pie & Mash Squad were a split from the EDL, originally called Casuals United and led by football hooligan Joe Butler, also known as Joe Marsh. There have been a few occasions where [the Pie & Mash Squad have

Pitbull Paris

Neo-nazi nationalist hooligan group in Paris.

PMC Española

PMC Española is a Russian combat unit which consists of football hooligans. The battalion was created shortly after the start of Russia’s war with Ukraine. The battalion was originally contracted to the Vostok Brigade, now the 114th Independent Guards Yenakievo-Dunai

Political Network for Values

It is an ultra-conservative thinking tank that organises international conferences under brandname Transatlantic summit to promote traditional values “Family, Life and Freedoms”. The organisation has been active since at least 2014 in Spanish- and English-speaking countries. Its expert council is

Politically Incorrect News

**Short description** “Politically Incorrect News” is a German-language extreme right news portal founded in November 2004 by the sports teacher Stefan Herre. In May 2020, PI described itself as “Germany’s most widely read patriotic blog”. In terms of content, PI

Popular Resistance Association

ANS is a Russian national anarchist political organization. Founded in 2016 by a number of former activists of People’s Will, NBP, Volnitsa and other movements. ANS combines left-wing populism with far-right views. Ideologically it combines neo-narodnichestvo, and Third Position-style views

Web portal openly promotes pro-Ustasha revisionism, calls Serbian returnees ‘abolished Chetniks’, NGOs ‘inhumane haters of Croatia’, and LGBT behavior ‘a sign of serious illness’. The head of the association and editor-in-chief of the portal Hrvoje Macan and the


A small group, mostly acting in obscurity. Aligned with the Nazi ideology. Their first appearance was in 12 October 2015 as organizers of a martial arts festival. Members of the group are frequently seen in photos with Golden Dawn leading

Proud Boys UK

There is a Proud Boys group in the UK which has a relatively large Telegram channel and has held one small camping trip to date. They have not done much else.


**short description:** QAnon is a kind of online-sect which appears 2017. It is based at mysterious hints in the Internet, given by a person called himself ‘Q’. Till the end of August 2020 “Q” published 3.500 posts. It tells a

QAnon in Germany

**short description:** QAnon is a kind of online-sect which appears 2017. It is based at mysterious hints in the Internet, given by a person called himself ‘Q’. It tells a story that the liberal elites kidnapped children and prisoned them


**short description:** Querdenken is one of the important Label of the covid-sceptic-movement in Germany. This movement is conspiracist and open for the joining of the far right. The Label ‘Querdenken’ was founded by Michael Ballweg from Stuttgart in April 2020.

Radio Albion

Radio Albion used to be known as Radio Aryan until Mark Collett suggested it change it’s name to something less overtly Nazi. [Run by James Allchurch](, who used to contribute to the Daily Stormer and was a prominent supporter of


Readovka is a media outlet which started to gain popularity through spreading news about “migrant rampages” in Russia. **General information** The online media outlet Readovka was founded in 2011 in Smolensk as a typical urban public forum in Russia’s main

Reconnaissance Detachment Moscow, 106th Airborne Division

Reconnaissance Detachment Moscow, 106th Airborne Division is a Russian right wing military unit which consists of right-wing football hooligans. This unit was created specifically to gather far-right football hooligans into one unit. The Moscow reconnaissance company first became known in


In February 2020, several far-right organizations met in Zaragoza to prepare a new coordinator of sociocultural entities to act in coordination in the “cultural and metapolitical terrain.” Since April 2020, these groups have disseminated various communications and campaigns, under the


**short description:** ‘Reichsbürger’ believe that the ‘Deutsches Reich’ (German Empire) is still the legal status of the actual Germany. In their opinion the elected government is illegal an often they also do not accept the actual borders to Poland, Denmark

Right Bloc

“Right Bloc” is a democratic movement that unites right-wing and nationalist on the basis of the ideas of national democracy. Formed in February 2018. In 2019 was an attempt to create a political party called “Third Alternative” based on the

Ring Freiheitlicher Jugend Österreich

The far right „Ring Freiheitlicher Jugend Österreich“ (RFJ) ist a youth organisation near to the FPÖ in Austria. The actuall chairman is Maximilian Krauss. The members of the RFJ should be between 10 and 30 years old. Members see themself

Ring Freiheitlicher Studenten

The „Ring Freiheitlicher Studenten“ (RFS) is a far right student organisation near the FPÖ in Austria. They also run for the „Österreichische Hochschülerinnen- und Hochschülerschaft“, the parliament of students in Austria. In 2019 the RFS got 1,99% of the votes

Roman Will (Volontà Romana)

[‘Roman Will](’ is an electoral list between Brothers of Italy and Casapound Italy for the administrative elections in 2021 in Rome. After the electoral failures, the new strategy of the far-right movement for the next municipal elections in Rome is

Rus Triedinaya

Rus Triedinaya (Russ triedinaya) is a pro-Russian Orthodox imperial organisation formed in Kharkiv in 2004. It publishes a newspaper of the same name. In 2014, its permanent leader Sergey Moiseyev emigrated to Russia. **Self-description** “Since 2005, our organisation in the


“Rusich” is a combat unit of Russian nationalists and neo-Nazis who took part in the war in Ukraine. The “Rusich” Diversion and Assault Reconnaissance Group is a volunteer group which was formed in early June 2014. “Rusich” included two assault

Russian Imperial Movement

The Russian Imperial Movement (RIM) is a monarchist, white supremacist group operating out of Russia with supporters around the world opposed to president of Russia Vladimir Putin. RIM describes itself as a "Russian monarchist, Orthodox-patriotic, and right-conservative organization. We fight

Russian National Unity

The all-Russian public patriotic movement Russian National Unity (RNE) or Barkashovtsy, Barkashov Guards is a Russian far-right paramilitary nationalist organisation founded on 16 October 1990 by a Alexander “Petrovich” Barkashov. A distinctive feature of RNE is the black paramilitary uniform

Russian Volunteer Corps

The Russian Volunteer Corps (RDK) is a new volunteer unit made up of far-right militants from Russia fighting on the Ukrainian side. Information about the group first appeared in August on a Telegram channel, which belongs to a well-known Russian

Russian-Slavic Unification and Revival

The Russian-Slavic Union and Revival is a far-right public organisation based in Sevastopol (Crimea) that brings together Slavic peoples. RUSOV was organised by Sevastopol native Andrei Rodionov on 26 April 2012, a period when Crimea had not yet been annexed

Sacred Band (Ieros Lochos)

(Greek: Ιερός Λόχος 2012, translated “Sacred Band 2012”, is a smaller nationalist organization, based in Thessaloniki. Founded in 2012, the group attracted publicity when its members attempted to stop the Thessaloniki Pride march in June 2017 and to interrupt a

Schild & Vrienden

Schild en Vrienden (“Shields and Friends”) is a Flemish nationalist youth group created in 2017. It belongs to the Identitarian movement.


The magazine “Sezession” is a publication of the radical new right, which belongs to the think tank “Institut für Staatspolitik” around Götz Kubitschek and Erik Lehnert. It is published bimonthly. The first issue appeared in April 2003 and the print

Síol na hÉireann

PUBLIC Niall McConnell is leader of Síol na hEireann (‘Seed of Ireland’), an ethnonationalist group founded in 2019. They describe themselves as a[ prolife Christian nationalist movement]( and have staged anti-Islamic stunts across Ireland. Ross Lahive and Andy Heasman (of

Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX)

Extensive research outlining far-right connections of SSPX (work tbc here before launch)

Society of Saint Pius X Resistance

PUBLIC Richard Williamson, former Bishop of the Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX) is known promoting Holocaust denial and extremely anti-Semitic views. He was expelled from SSPX for “[having distanced himself from the management and the government of the SSPX


[Society.Future]( is National Democracy movement founded in November 2020 by new right politician Roman Yuneman. It’s leader is Danil Mahnitskiy from “New people” party. The movement considers itself in opposition to the Putin regime. Its structure involves a limited number

Soldiers of Odin / Odinin sotilaat

The Soldiers of Odin is an anti-immigrant group founded in Kemi Finland in 2015. The group has been described as a racist and neo-Nazi group. It’s founder Mika Ranta has connections to the Nordic Resistance Movement and has been convicted

Sonnenkrieg Division

A [group of teenagers who met online]( which was proscribed in February 2020 for being a split from SRN. Several members have been jailed for making images glorifying terrorism.

Sorok Sorokov

Sorok Sorokov (“Forty forties”) is an extremely conservative Russian social movement that positions itself as a unifying platform for people of Orthodox Christianity with an active civic position. The movement was founded on June 1, 2013, by composer Andrei Kormukhin

Sovereignty (Sovranità)

Electoral list created by Caspound to partecipate to european elections in 2015. The political project “[Sovereignty]( Italians first “, with which Casa Pound wants to ferry the far right towards Matteo Salvini’s League and the civic list “Toghether with Salvini

Sputnik i Pogrom

“Sputnik & Pogrom” is the most prominent nationalist media outlet in Russia, launched in 2012 by Yegor Prosvirnin. The name of the publication was born out of a joke and is a synthesis of common Russisms (Russian words that have

St Petersburg University

**While St. Petersburg University in itself is not a far-right organization it is part of the larger ecosystem surrounding the European far-right as can be explored through its connections** Marion Maréchal’s ISSEP partner university.

Strasbourg Offender

Neo-nazi nationalist hooligan group in Strasbourg.

Student Block (Blocco Studentesco)

The Student Block is a student movement that was born in the summer of 2006 in CasaPound, and it’s associated to the fascists’ of the third millennium organization. This students’ organization regain the same style, iconography and propaganda of CPI,

System Resistance Network

In February 2020 the [System Resistance Network]( (SRN) was proscribed by the government who said it was a continuation of National Action, the banned neo-Nazi youth group.

Szturm! “The monthly national radical magazine ‘Szturm’ is the place where a modern nationalist idea is created. This idea is Storm Nationalism.


Tenesoun is a neo-fascist group born in October 2019 in Aix-en-Provence, out of the ashes of Bastion Social dissolved by the French government in April 2019. In April 2022, a new section of the group was created in Orange.

The Burkean

PUBLIC Founded in Trinity College Dublin campus in 2017 by Declan Ganleys son Micheál, the [Burkean]( has struggled to establish any sort of influence on campus, on streets or beyond its online publication whose writers post using pseudonyms. In 2021,

The Croatian weekly

The Croatian weekly (Hrvatski tjednik) systematically denies the crime of genocide committed against Jews, Roma and Serbs in the Independent State of Croatia and the Ustasha system of the Jasenovac camp. It promotes the deniers of the Jasenovac genocide and

The Nationalist Movement

The Nationalist Movement (DN) is a young organisation of a Russian nationalists which was created on July 2, 2020 as “the political response of the Russian Nation to the extension of the reign of the anti-people dictator Vladimir Putin”. The

The Order

The Order is a right-wing conservative organization formed around Eduard Yurchenko, former speaker of the National Corps. Its ideology reflects Yurchenko’s own views and refers to the European tradition of the New Right and Alexander Dugin’s Russian Eurasianism (however, Yurchenko

The Reality Report

The Reality Report (TRR) are a collective of conspiracy theorist far-right YouTubers who think they’re citizen journalists. TRR helped to organise a group of DFLA supporters to physically defend the GI UK founding conference. TRR were operating within PA’s orbit

The South Face

Neo-nazi group active in Montpellier and surrounding towns, known for violent actions on “leftist” places, its participation in anti-covid pass/measures demonstrations, and for its porosity with other local far-right groups. As many other similar informal violent groups, it uses the


Totenburg is a Russian far-right publishing house named after the SS mausoleum in Poland. Totenburg specializes in publishing books by European authors.

Tradition and Order

**Tradition and Order** is a far-right conservative organization that positions itself as an advocate of Christian values. Tradition and Order was founded in 2016 on the basis of another far-right organization, **Revanche**. Tradition and Order members are responsible for numerous

Traditional Britain Group

The Traditional Britain Group (TBG)’s annual conference, held in central London, is one of the most significant gatherings of the British far-right which [brings together people from neo-Nazis through to the hard-right of the Conservative Party]( The TBG regularly invites

Trustees of Article 120 of the Constitution

In Greek: «Θεματοφύλακες του άρθρου 120 του Συντάγματος» The group is [structured]( as a network of local groups under a single leader. The orgaization is mostly active in Northern Greece. Its members are sworn-in, accepting a text called “[Holy Declaration](”.

Tsargrad group of companies

Tsargrad is a large group of companies owned by russian orthodox businessman Konstantin Malofeev. Tsargrad group includes eponymous media group and it’s main active ultra conservative channel Tsargrad TV and different online media to promote conservative and monarchist agenda in

Tsargrad TV

Tsargrad TV channel is right wing project with which the name of Orthodox businessman Konstantin Malofeev has been most often associated in recent years. In April 2015, it began broadcasting on YouTube, became available on TV only in January 2016,

Union of Orthodox Banner-Bearers

Union of Orthodox Banner-Bearers (SPKh or Khrugvenostsy) is a Russian nationalist-fundamentalist organization that identifies itself as part of the Russian Orthodox Church, though the church has implicitly [repudiated]( that claim. It was founded in 1992. Its leader Leonid Simonovich-Nikshich estimated

United Front of University Action

Action University (AU) is an Italian university student association, attributable to the area of far-right. It was born in 1996 as an organization of the university students of Youth Action, a youth movement of the National Alliance. The association has

Valence Patriote

Valence Patriote is a far-right group active in Valence, born out of the ashes of Génération Identitaire, dissolved in March 2021.

Vandal Besak

Neo-nazi group in Besançon.

Veneto Skinhead Front

Veneto Skinheads Front or VFS is a far-right organization, referring to neo-Nazi skinhead movements, born, according to the sources, between 1985 and 1986, on the initiative of Piero Puschiavo and Ilo Da Deppo. Studies carried out by the Stephen Roth

Vent d’Est

Vent d’Est is a neo-fascist group born in Strasbourg in September 2019, out of the ashes of Bastion Social dissolved by the French government in April 2019.

Verein Gedächtnisstätte

The “Verein Gedächtnisstätte e.V.” is a historical revisionist association founded in May 1992 by Holocaust deniers and Old Nazis. Until 2010, it was based in Borna (Saxony) and later in Guthmannshausen (Thuringia). Here, the association set up an extreme right-wing

Wagner Group

The Wagner Group is a private military company (PMC) based in Russia. It is believed to be owned by Yevgeny Prigozhin, a Russian businessman with close ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin. The group has been active in various conflicts

Western Spring

Western Spring is a neo-Nazi group set up by former British National Party organisers Larry Nunn and Matthew Tait. When the Sigurd camps were wound up Western Spring took them over and set up the [Legion Martial Arts Club]( which

White Papers Policy Institute

The WPPI appears to be intending to become a transnational Anglophone fascist think tank and is already closely aligned with Patriotic Alternative (PA) in Britain and the National Justice Party (NJP) in the USA. They are publishing short notes on

White Rex

White Rex is famous nazi spots clothing and MMA-events brand founded by Denis Kapustin (Nikitin). [Official site]( Date the founding of the brand was also not chosen randomly – on August 14, 2008 (08/14/08), which is another reference to neo-Nazi

World Congress of Families

The World Congress of Families is an SPLC designated hate group, “a project of the former Howard Center for Family, Religion and Society (now the International Organization for the Family), serves as an umbrella for a massive network of interconnected


WotanJugend is a hardline esoteric hitlerist organisation heavily connected with nazi music scene and based on open glorification of Hitler. It was started in 2012 as a online community by a founder of a russian NSBM group M8l8th (Hitler's Hammer)

Yellow Vest Protestors

For a brief period in 2019, [the UK had its own ‘Yellow Vests’](, largely drawn from the counter-jihad movement but mainly active around Brexit. These have disappeared with one of the leading figures, James Goddard, another far-right social media personality,

Youth Association for Russian Justice

Youth Association for Russian Justice is rightwing organization stationed in St. Petersburg. Head of MARS is 20-year-old Dmitriy Moralikov (Savshinskiy). They held a small march on 10 July 2021 through a street in St. Petersburg chanting “Russians, forward!” MARS began

Youth Defence

Militant anti-choice organisation founded in 1986 and connected with the Life Institute.


The group were found in 2020 and consists mainly of younger neo-Nazis. On this group’s page can be founded an undisclosed admiration of various fascist leaders from the past, as well as the promotion of fascist symbols and attitudes, all

Zentrum Automobil

The „Zentrum Automobil“ is a far right Pseudo-trade union, which was founded 2009 in Stuttgart. One of the founders is Oliver Hilburger. From 1991 till 2008 he was member of the RAC-Band „Noie Werte“. They work together with the fascist

Zeta Zero Alfa

The Zetazeroalfa are a Roman musical group attributable to the area of ​​neo-fascism. The group was born in 1997 and has several albums and various participations in compilations of the so-called alternative music, a genre strongly characterized by extreme political

Zoulous Nice

Neo-nazi nationalist hooligan group in Nice.


**Short description:** ‘Zuerst!’ is a monthly puplished far right magazine. It was first published in 2010. Editor in chief ist Andreas Karsten. Before it was Manuel Ochsenreiter. **Primary sources:** – Homepage: (German) **Secondary sources:** – Wikipedia:! (English)

ΑΜΕ / “Combat 18 Hellas”

Same group has been using both names. AME comes from the initials of “Independant Meandrian Nationalists”. Openly Nazi in ideology, they have used the C18 name from time to time since 2015 to 2018, when some members were arrested by