Bastion Social

Neo-fascist organisation born from the ashes of the Groupe Union Défencse (GUD) in 2017 in Lyon, and inspired by the Italian neo-fascist movement Casa Pound. It opened local sections in Lyon (Lugdunum – Bastion Social) and inspired local sections in Strasbourg (Solidarité Argentoratum – Arcadia), Chambéry (Les Petits reblochons – Edelweiss), Aix-en-Provence (Bastide), Clermont-Ferrand (Oppidum) and Marseille (Navarin), before being dissolved on April 24 2019, altogether with its sister-organisations, on the basis of hatred and discrimination incitement, and call to racist and antisemitic violent actions.

The ambition is to be a social actor giving food, shelter and other supplies to people in need. Yet, only white people, or non-foreigners are entitled to this support. Their slogan “our people before others” echoes the FN’s national preference concept, and was used later by Génération Identitaire when they provided supplies to “French” homeless people in the streets.