Antifascist Europe focuses on monitoring and researching the international connections among far-right and right-wing populist parties, as well as white supremacist, neo-Nazi, and fascist groups across Europe. This collaborative effort between activists, journalists, and researchers signifies a dedicated commitment to countering the rise of extremist ideologies in the region.

By bringing together individuals with diverse expertise, Antifascist Europe creates a comprehensive network that vigilantly tracks the activities and growth of these dangerous movements. This research project is operating in order to create awareness and to continue shedding light on the evolving tactics and strategies employed by far-right entities.

The transnational focus of Antifascist Europe is particularly significant, considering the borderless nature of extremist networks. This approach enables the project to provide a holistic understanding of the interconnectedness between various groups and their collaborative efforts. By monitoring these developments, Antifascist Europe equips organizations and will enable them to stay vigilant and proactive in countering extremist influences.



Antifascist Europe is both honoured and delighted that these antifascist and antiracist celebrities support us. We take pride in the presentation of their powerful and encouraging statements.
Beate Klarsfeld
Bjørn Magnus Ihler
Martina Renner
Lilian Thuram
Paul Mason
Christy Moore

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