Acción Juvenil Valencia

Organization created in June 2020 in Valencia and that is presented on its networks
as a «militant, nationalist, sportsman and youth group
anti-drug that defends the interests of the Valencian people. Job,
struggle and tradition ».
In full alarm over COVID-19, they claimed their support for
«The small businesses, which are debated between the total or partial closure
of their business, in a country in which the state has ignored
full”. In their first post on social networks they show
a poster with the text «Our ideas», which is listed as follows: «Defense
of the nature. Defense of Spain. Sport as personal evolution.
National trade. Quality education. I repudiate vice and drugs.
Commitment to Spanish society. Work, struggle and tradition!». This new group claims its alliance with other similar groups
How to Hacer Nación, Alcalá 1247, Getafe Nacional Revolucionario,
Resistencia Social Alcalá de Henares and the Asociación Legio VII.
They also advertise propaganda and activities of other neonazi groups
like Devenir Europeo or Mascarillas rojigualdas.