Black hundred

“Black Hundred” is a far-right monarchist book publisher that was founded in 2013 by two students Dmitry Bastrakov and Nikita Lukinsky. Publishers have opened a bookstore “Listva” in St. Petersburg and Moscow.

“Black Hundred” is a common name for right-wing radical organizations in the Russian Empire at the beginning of the last century. With unofficial approval from the government, the Black Hundreds participated in pogroms of revolutionary groups and the Jewish population. They advocated the slogans of Orthodoxy and autocracy, and called themselves “truly Russian”.

“The goal of the publishing house is not only to revive a neglected (this is Sputnik, but, as they say, there will also be Pogrom), but also to create conditions for the emergence of a real alternative to the “unified history textbook,” in other words, the appearance and implementation of the first Russian history textbook. I think there is no need to explain why the egg of the enemy’s propaganda lies precisely here, in school textbooks written by non-Russians, but specifically for Russians. Today is a holiday – the Black Hundred has its first anniversary, and I want to tell you how it all began and what we have managed to achieve in our first year of activity” – [wrote]( it’s founder Bastrakov.

“Black Hundred” publishes book about wars, essays by the nationalist Konstantin Krylov as well as books about the war in eastern Ukraine.

The literature published by the “Black Hundred” is not listed as extremist, nor is the symbolism banned, although an image of an eagle resembling the emblem of the Third Reich has been used as a logo. Bastrakov told journalists [that]( it’s Warhammer style not nazi. In 2018, St. Petersburg MP Boris Vishnevsky demanded that the signboard of the Blacksmith store be dealt with. The city committee issued a fine, but the store [challenged]( it a year later.

According to Bastrakov’s social media accounts, the publishing house had close ties with the russian nationalist magazine “Sputnik i Pogrom” and its former publisher Yegor Prosvirnin. This radical right-wing magazine was published until 2017, when it was blocked by the Prosecutor General’s Office because it “propagandized ideas of national and religious discord, which formed threats to public security and encouraged extremism.