Belgrade Nationalist

A new network of far-right organizations that is specific compared to the previous ones. First, it is not tied to the states of the structure, nor is it in favor of Russia. Ukraine has become a new center of gathering and financing. A network consisting mostly of younger activists’ which did not played a special role on the far right in the past. Groups associetes in this network are Zentrop group of young “revolutionary nationalist” Serbon group, which manufactures and sells clothes with neo-Nazi symbols, he third actor of the Round’s neo-Nazi network is the Hero Foundation which is allegedly engaged in helping war veterans This foundation tries to present itself as patriotic, however it is clear that it is a neo-Nazi group by the videos of their members raising their hands in Nazi salute and carrying flags with Nedic’s, fascist eagle. Hiding behind humanitarian work and patriotism around them gather young people who are secretly driven by dark ideas.Last member of this netwrk is the group called Rudder. They are allegedly engaged in humanitarian work, but neo-Nazi symbols and flags with the image of Milan Nedić, the president of the Quisling government in occupied Serbia during the Second World War, can also be seen at their gatherings. The Hero Foundation also had more joint actions with the Serbon group, and on one occasion, both groups made an event together with the Kormilo group, which is connected with the above mentioned Zentrop, so we see that all the actors from the Robert Rundo network are very good connected amongst themselves.