Seat: Schnellroda

The publishing house was founded in 2000 as “Edition Antaios” and is run by the radical new right Götz Kubitschek.
The publishing house is presumably named after the magazine Antaios, edited by Ernst Jünger and published from 1959 to 1971.
From 2003 to 2004, the NPD functionary Arne Schimmer worked as an editor at “Edition Antaios”.

In February 2014, Amazon Germany removed the publisher’s twelve most recent books from its range.

The books are used as ideological inspiration by the Höcke wing of the AfD and the “Identitarian Movement” in Germany and Austria.
The publishing house likes to disguise itself as ‘conservative’.
The sexist, racist and anti-feminist rants of Antaios author Akif Pirinçci can hardly be called conservative.
In 2014, the publisher’s “edition nordost” published the German translation of the novel by Domenico di Tullio, criminal defence lawyer of “CasaPound Italia”.