Almería Inconforme

Organization created in 2015, the year in which only its
participation in an act of tribute to “the fallen” on the beach of
La Garrofa, organized by Falange, and its collaboration with the campaign
«Caravana del Sur», a food collection in several Andalusian cities
coordinated by Hogar Social Madrid. It would be presented publicly a year later in the town of El
Ejido, accompanied by Hogar Social Madrid, Lo Nuestro and Iberia Cruor.
During these first years, he organized various coordinated actions
with other Spanish neo-fascist groups, such as the campaign against the
refugees after the 2016 Brussels attack, in which several
cities were hung up banners with the text «Yesterday Bruelas, Tomorrow?
Terrorists welcome “and promoted these actions against” the
Criminal Islamism. ‘
Its activity until the end of 2019 is practically nil, only
social media announcements about your management of a bank of