Action Française

The Action française (Centre Royaliste d’Action Française (CRAF)) is a counter-revolutionary nationalist and monarchist organisation founded in 1898 by Charles Maurras, Maurice Pujo and Henri Vaugeois, in the historical context of the Dreyfus affair. It is known for its xenophobia and anti-semitism. The organisation has a long history of splits, re-arrangements and colloborations, but the most recent one in 2017/2018 led to the creation of a dissident mouvement around Elie Hatem and the organisation Amitié et Action Française, claiming that the new generation moved away from the core doctrine of integral nationalism. This split is embodied by the homonym organisation with which it shouldn’t be confused with (

In the wake of youth movements such as Génération Identitaire, the AF has managed to mobilise a lot of young activists in the last years, taking on direct actions techniques against immigration, Islam and the Left. Despite their royalist standpoint, there is an obvious porosity with political parties, especially around Eric Zemmour and Reconquête today.