Blood & Honour Schweiz / Combat 18 Schweiz

150-200 (2007)

**Short desciption:**
The chapter Switzerland of Blood & Honour is part of the international network. The Swiss chapter was founded 1997/98 in the german speaking part and 2003 in the french speaking part of the country („Romandie“).
They often organise concerts.
In July 2015 they attacked an orthodox Jew in Zürich.
Members are Kevin Gutmann, André Senn (leader of the section Zürich), …

– Blood & Honour Alpensüdseite (Wallis)
– Blood&Honour Zürich, also members of the „C18 Schweiz“

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**International Contacts:**

**Secondary sources: **
– Antifa Bern: https://www.antifa.ch/blood-honour/ (Deutsch, last update: 2017)