Blood &Honor Serbia

Founded on June 25, 1995. The Serbian branch is an organization that gathers domestic Nazi skinheads and its most significant actions were memorial concerts in honor of the birthdays of Adolf Hitler and other Nazi criminals. In Serbia, there are many branches of the Blood and Honor .Division B&H are racists and nationalists whose ideological basis is based on so-called “white nationalism” Blood and Honor has a developed publishing business books, brochures and magazines that propagate Nazi and racist ideology As well as network for the distribution of their music. The Blood and Honor of Serbia own several street wear brands that are very popular among far right-wingers, but also football hooligans in general. These are the (Homeland) “Otadžbina” which also has its own store, then the “Avangard ,”the Russian Nazi brand “Beloyar” and “Vandalist” are just some of the most popular of them.