Belgrade Nationalist

A new network of far-right organizations that is specific compared to the previous ones. First, it is not tied to the states of the structure, nor is it in favor of Russia. Ukraine has become a new center of gathering

Blood &Honor Serbia

Founded on June 25, 1995. The Serbian branch is an organization that gathers domestic Nazi skinheads and its most significant actions were memorial concerts in honor of the birthdays of Adolf Hitler and other Nazi criminals. In Serbia, there are

Moto Club Serbs ( MC SRBI)

Moto Club Serbs was formed in 2012 and is actually a group of Neo-Nazis organized and registered as a Moto Club. This group numbers more than 70 people. Most of the members of this organization are between 30 and 45

National defense Leviathan

Leviathan were founded in 2015 as an informal gang of criminals and thugs from the far right milieu who used the alleged fight for animal welfare as a cover for fascist and criminal activities. The core of the group consists

People’s Patrol

The People’s Patrol is a far-right anti-immigrant organization established in February 2020. It is centered in Belgrade, although it also has branches in border towns such as Subotica, Sombor, Bačka Palanka, and Šid. Its members occasionally stop migrants from entering


The group were found in 2020 and consists mainly of younger neo-Nazis. On this group’s page can be founded an undisclosed admiration of various fascist leaders from the past, as well as the promotion of fascist symbols and attitudes, all