National defense Leviathan

Leviathan were founded in 2015 as an informal gang of criminals and thugs from the far right milieu who used the alleged fight for animal welfare as a cover for fascist and criminal activities. The core of the group consists of criminals, mostly members of drug clans,far right activists and thugs. Most of them were convicted for violence and/or drug trafficking. They are involved in many violent actions against Roma, homosexuals and other what they consider as an ”enemies o f Serbs”. Leviathan uses lies, forgeries and exhibitionism, blaming the Roma for the plight of the animals. As a result, there were several attacks on collectors of secondary raw materials with harnesses. They regularly publicly glorify Serbian war criminals and criminals. The movement managed to gain significant support on social networks. In 2020, they joined the Chetnik Youth Organization and founded the Leviathan National Defense. The official symbol of this movement is the painted flag of the Wehrmacht from the Second World War only with an eagle from the flag of the Republic of Serbia. Together with the anti-Vax movement called” I Live for Serbia”, the Leviathan Movement participated in the 2020 parliamentary elections and gained 0.8% of the vote.