Association of Orthodox Experts

The Association of Orthodox Experts (APE) is an organization of politically active Orthodox laymen led by Orthodox activist Kirill Frolov that persecutes anyone who opposes Patriarch Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church. The organization has become notorious for filing numerous

Black hundred

“Black Hundred” is a far-right monarchist book publisher that was founded in 2013 by two students Dmitry Bastrakov and Nikita Lukinsky. Publishers have opened a bookstore “Listva” in St. Petersburg and Moscow. “Black Hundred” is a common name for right-wing


Citadel is a neo-fascist online community runned by rightwing activist and ideologist Gleb Ervier. Citadel produces right-wing video propaganda and distribute through different social media platforms. Citadel Productions shot a far-right documentary named after book by belgian nazi collaborator Leon

Conservative Russia

Russia Conservative is a right-wing patriotic conservative community founded on 1 May 2020. There are currently five online groups: Yekaterinburg, Southern Urals, Tver, St. Petersburg, Moscow. Not to be confused with the Conservative Party of Russia, which was deregistered in


Conservator is a small right wing community organised by Valentina Bobrova and her husband Mihail Ochkin on remains of their National Conservative Movement. Valentina Bobrova also organised a Conservator Discussion Club but it was closed by authorities. There is a

Double-headed eagle society

Society for the Development of Russian Historical Education “Double-headed eagle society” was set up on 1 November 2015. After the convention in November 2020, the organisation was renamed Tsargrad. The same name is given to the group of companies of

Holy Druzhina

The Holy Druzhina is an alliance of far-right Orthodox organisations to oppose the Maidan in Russia. It was organised on 21 April 2021 by four organisations: Conservator, Russia Triune, Union of Orthodox Banner-Bearers, and the Association of Orthodox Experts. Other

Imperial Legion

Imperial Legion is the military wing of the Russian Imperial Movement (RIM). In 2008, the Russian Imperial Movement formed its paramilitary organisation (military-patriotic club) Imperial Legion, headed by Denis Gariev. The group has two training centres in St Petersburg. The


Katehon is a Russian righ-wing think tank owned by oligarch Konstantin Malofeev. Its official headquarters is in Moscow. The main task of this think tank is the international coordination of the dissemination of neo-Eurasian propaganda by the right-wing philosopher Alexander

Male State

“Male State” (MG) was created by Vladislav Pozdnyakov in October 2016 within the framework of a closed community on the social network “VKontakte”. The movement’s activities are mainly carried out in the Internet environment: community members are engaged in bullying,

Maniacs. Murder. Cult

“Maniacs. Murder. Cult” is Russia’s newest neo-Nazi terrorist organization, created by Ukrainian neo-Nazi Yegor “Maniac” Krasnov in 2017. According to Russian special services, the group’s ideology is peoplehate. **Official position** The ICU first became known in January 2021. Russian media,

Narodny Sobor

Narodny Sobor (People’s Council) is a Russian far-right social movement based on the ideas of national patriotism and orthodoxy and dedicated to the protection of public morals and traditional family values. The aim of the People’s Council is to transform

North Slavic community

The North Slavic Community is a far-right paramilitary group based in St Petersburg that positions itself as a military-patriotic community of modern Cossacks. The group claims to have been operating in St Petersburg for more than 12 years, but its


NS/WP is a highly dangerous russian terrorist nazi group which specializes in murders. Most of the NS/WP attacks were carried out in the late 00s and early 10s, however in the end of 2021 a new ( made by NS/WP

PMC Española

PMC Española is a Russian combat unit which consists of football hooligans. The battalion was created shortly after the start of Russia’s war with Ukraine. The battalion was originally contracted to the Vostok Brigade, now the 114th Independent Guards Yenakievo-Dunai

Popular Resistance Association

ANS is a Russian national anarchist political organization. Founded in 2016 by a number of former activists of People’s Will, NBP, Volnitsa and other movements. ANS combines left-wing populism with far-right views. Ideologically it combines neo-narodnichestvo, and Third Position-style views


Readovka is a media outlet which started to gain popularity through spreading news about “migrant rampages” in Russia. **General information** The online media outlet Readovka was founded in 2011 in Smolensk as a typical urban public forum in Russia’s main

Right Bloc

“Right Bloc” is a democratic movement that unites right-wing and nationalist on the basis of the ideas of national democracy. Formed in February 2018. In 2019 was an attempt to create a political party called “Third Alternative” based on the


“Rusich” is a combat unit of Russian nationalists and neo-Nazis who took part in the war in Ukraine. The “Rusich” Diversion and Assault Reconnaissance Group is a volunteer group which was formed in early June 2014. “Rusich” included two assault

Russian Imperial Movement

The Russian Imperial Movement (RIM) is a monarchist, white supremacist group operating out of Russia with supporters around the world opposed to president of Russia Vladimir Putin. RIM describes itself as a "Russian monarchist, Orthodox-patriotic, and right-conservative organization. We fight

Russian National Unity

The all-Russian public patriotic movement Russian National Unity (RNE) or Barkashovtsy, Barkashov Guards is a Russian far-right paramilitary nationalist organisation founded on 16 October 1990 by a Alexander “Petrovich” Barkashov. A distinctive feature of RNE is the black paramilitary uniform

Russian Volunteer Corps

The Russian Volunteer Corps (RDK) is a new volunteer unit made up of far-right militants from Russia fighting on the Ukrainian side. Information about the group first appeared in August on a Telegram channel, which belongs to a well-known Russian

Russian-Slavic Unification and Revival

The Russian-Slavic Union and Revival is a far-right public organisation based in Sevastopol (Crimea) that brings together Slavic peoples. RUSOV was organised by Sevastopol native Andrei Rodionov on 26 April 2012, a period when Crimea had not yet been annexed


[Society.Future]( is National Democracy movement founded in November 2020 by new right politician Roman Yuneman. It’s leader is Danil Mahnitskiy from “New people” party. The movement considers itself in opposition to the Putin regime. Its structure involves a limited number

Sorok Sorokov

Sorok Sorokov (“Forty forties”) is an extremely conservative Russian social movement that positions itself as a unifying platform for people of Orthodox Christianity with an active civic position. The movement was founded on June 1, 2013, by composer Andrei Kormukhin

Sputnik i Pogrom

“Sputnik & Pogrom” is the most prominent nationalist media outlet in Russia, launched in 2012 by Yegor Prosvirnin. The name of the publication was born out of a joke and is a synthesis of common Russisms (Russian words that have

St Petersburg University

**While St. Petersburg University in itself is not a far-right organization it is part of the larger ecosystem surrounding the European far-right as can be explored through its connections** Marion Maréchal’s ISSEP partner university.

The Nationalist Movement

The Nationalist Movement (DN) is a young organisation of a Russian nationalists which was created on July 2, 2020 as “the political response of the Russian Nation to the extension of the reign of the anti-people dictator Vladimir Putin”. The


Totenburg is a Russian far-right publishing house named after the SS mausoleum in Poland. Totenburg specializes in publishing books by European authors.

Tsargrad group of companies

Tsargrad is a large group of companies owned by russian orthodox businessman Konstantin Malofeev. Tsargrad group includes eponymous media group and it’s main active ultra conservative channel Tsargrad TV and different online media to promote conservative and monarchist agenda in

Tsargrad TV

Tsargrad TV channel is right wing project with which the name of Orthodox businessman Konstantin Malofeev has been most often associated in recent years. In April 2015, it began broadcasting on YouTube, became available on TV only in January 2016,

Union of Orthodox Banner-Bearers

Union of Orthodox Banner-Bearers (SPKh or Khrugvenostsy) is a Russian nationalist-fundamentalist organization that identifies itself as part of the Russian Orthodox Church, though the church has implicitly [repudiated]( that claim. It was founded in 1992. Its leader Leonid Simonovich-Nikshich estimated

Wagner Group

The Wagner Group is a private military company (PMC) based in Russia. It is believed to be owned by Yevgeny Prigozhin, a Russian businessman with close ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin. The group has been active in various conflicts

White Rex

White Rex is famous nazi spots clothing and MMA-events brand founded by Denis Kapustin (Nikitin). [Official site]( Date the founding of the brand was also not chosen randomly – on August 14, 2008 (08/14/08), which is another reference to neo-Nazi

Youth Association for Russian Justice

Youth Association for Russian Justice is rightwing organization stationed in St. Petersburg. Head of MARS is 20-year-old Dmitriy Moralikov (Savshinskiy). They held a small march on 10 July 2021 through a street in St. Petersburg chanting “Russians, forward!” MARS began