Conservator is a small right wing community organised by Valentina Bobrova and her husband Mihail Ochkin on remains of their National Conservative Movement. Valentina Bobrova also organised a Conservator Discussion Club but it was closed by authorities. There is a perception among nationalists that the Bobrova projects exists solely for commercial purposes. The movement’s current VKontakte [page]( is inactive due to Bobrova’s opposition to the war in Ukraine.


The interregional organisation for the development of national traditions and family values, CONSERVATOR, is a continuation of the work of the National Conservative Movement. The NCD organisation has not disappeared, but has grown into an inter-regional organisation to work more effectively. Conservator is a community of people from different spheres (politics, medicine, science, history, psychology, culture), whose aim is not only to struggle against unconventional neoliberal tendencies, which are harmful to our society and Russia in whole, but also to create an alternative conservative content. In essence, we are creating an Island of Normality, on which we deploy our counter-propaganda against those values which are being imposed on us by anti-Russian and anti-national forces in Russia. On the basis of our conservative project, we will create expert communities in various directions, projects to combat various manifestations of non-traditionalism, programs and films to expose the neoliberal policies in Russia and its harmful fruits. We are conservatives and we are in the majority in this country, so we must make every effort to regain the lost ground we once lost in the race for supposed freedom, which masked completely different goals.