Holy Druzhina

The Holy Druzhina is an alliance of far-right Orthodox organisations to oppose the Maidan in Russia. It was organised on 21 April 2021 by four organisations: Conservator, Russia Triune, Union of Orthodox Banner-Bearers, and the Association of Orthodox Experts. Other conservative-patriotic organisations were also present at the conference and expressed their willingness to join the Holy Druzhina. The organisers of the conference announced the Manifesto of the Holy Druzhina, which consists of the ten basic [commandments]( of the Russian patriot, joining the ranks of the Druzhina. Protecting the Russian state from the Maidan, preserving Russia’s integrity, independence and freedom from Western hegemony – this is the main aim of the Druzhina.

Considered to be another Bobrova project to siphon money from the state. Nothing has been heard from the project since its inception.