Avanguardia Ordinovista

Avanguardia Ordinovista is a neo-fascist group inspired by the formation of the terrorist faction ‘New Order’, banned in 1976 for inspiration from the Mussolini’s regime. The group dreamed of a new Italy, cleansed of immigrants and with women at home,


Casaggì is the right-wing student organization set in Florence (Tuscany), that defines itself as “identitarian”. Their social network accounts are a showcase of old right-wing paraphernalia with tens of racist users’ comments, a virtual army of “haters”. Its symbol is

Community of the Twelve Rays

The Community of the Twelve Rays (Do.Ra.) – inspired by the twelve rays of the esoteric ‘nazi black sun’ – was born in February 2012 in Varese, from the union of Ultras “7 Laghi” and Varese Skinheads, two groups connected


[FEDErAction]( (FEDErAzione) is an identitarian and nationalist voluntary service network with about twenty local realities, attributable to militant communities of the neo-fascist area of ​​the northern but also of southern Italy in the case of spaces, such as the Forum

Loyalty & Action

Loyalty & Action (LeA) is an organization born in Lombardy, opening the Milan and Monza offices almost at the same time in 2010, as a direct emanation of the Hammerskin environments (American “school” naziskin), then forging ties with various realities

National Youth (Gioventù Nazionale)

National Youth is the official youth movement of the Brothers of Italy, which brings together people aged from 13 to 30. Although recognized by the FdI, National Youth maintains its political and ideological autonomy, as well as its organizational autonomy,

Orange Vests

The Orange Vests (Gilet Arancioni) is a political movement founded in 2019 and led by former Carabinieri general Antonio Pappalardo. They got inspired by the French movement of ‘Jilet Jaune’, showing more conservative and nationalist approach. The Orange Vest Movement

Roman Will (Volontà Romana)

[‘Roman Will](’ is an electoral list between Brothers of Italy and Casapound Italy for the administrative elections in 2021 in Rome. After the electoral failures, the new strategy of the far-right movement for the next municipal elections in Rome is

Sovereignty (Sovranità)

Electoral list created by Caspound to partecipate to european elections in 2015. The political project “[Sovereignty]( Italians first “, with which Casa Pound wants to ferry the far right towards Matteo Salvini’s League and the civic list “Toghether with Salvini

Student Block (Blocco Studentesco)

The Student Block is a student movement that was born in the summer of 2006 in CasaPound, and it’s associated to the fascists’ of the third millennium organization. This students’ organization regain the same style, iconography and propaganda of CPI,

United Front of University Action

Action University (AU) is an Italian university student association, attributable to the area of far-right. It was born in 1996 as an organization of the university students of Youth Action, a youth movement of the National Alliance. The association has

Veneto Skinhead Front

Veneto Skinheads Front or VFS is a far-right organization, referring to neo-Nazi skinhead movements, born, according to the sources, between 1985 and 1986, on the initiative of Piero Puschiavo and Ilo Da Deppo. Studies carried out by the Stephen Roth

Zeta Zero Alfa

The Zetazeroalfa are a Roman musical group attributable to the area of ​​neo-fascism. The group was born in 1997 and has several albums and various participations in compilations of the so-called alternative music, a genre strongly characterized by extreme political