[FEDErAction]( (FEDErAzione) is an identitarian and nationalist voluntary service network with about twenty local realities, attributable to militant communities of the neo-fascist area of ​​the northern but also of southern Italy in the case of spaces, such as the Forum 753 in Rome and Free Space Cervantes in Catania .
The aim is to “be alongside fellow countrymen” to proselytize by distributing basic necessities to families in difficulty, but of Italian origins only, offering them assistance and services.
Among the most characteristic slogans, on the website we read: *“Federation was born to make different legions march in a single army.
Federation is not subjection but awareness of being able to receive / give / return.
Federation is not a contract signed on the web, federation is keeping the word given to others.
Federation is Life in a lifeless and dying world*.”
Recently FEDErAZIONE, in collaboration with CooXazione (Cooperation), launched a new national campaign «Italy helps Italy», although [foundraising]( on the site does not show great support in subscriptions.