Loyalty & Action

Loyalty & Action (LeA) is an organization born in Lombardy, opening the Milan and Monza offices almost at the same time in 2010, as a direct emanation of the Hammerskin environments (American “school” naziskin), then forging ties with various realities in Genoa and Florence, in a sort of federated entity that involves other cities, such as Udine, Turin, Vicenza, Sanremo, Rome, Bari and Catanzaro.
It is inspired by the Nazi general of the Waffen SS Leon Degrelle and Corneliu Codreanu, founder of the Romanian Iron Guard, an ultra-nationalist and anti-Semitic movement.
Members of Loyalty-Action were involved in [assaults and stabbings]( and the press gave news of worrying indications of proximity to [organized crime](
Loyalty & Action is somehow present in the institutions, in particular with Andrea Arbizzoni, Monza councilor for sport elected on the list of the Brothers of Italy (FdI); and Stefano Pavesi, in the municipal council of Zone 8 in Milan, elected on the list of the Northern League.
This trend derives from tactics of mimicry and infiltration, which on the one hand are also found in non-profit organizations related to [LeA with different acronyms](; on the other hand it makes agreements with far-right, candidating prominent figures in their electoral lists.

Regional councilor Max Bastoni, former assistant to Northern League deputy Mario Borghezio, is one of the strongest[ points of reference]( for Lealtà Azione in Matteo Salvini’s party. Toghether with Silvia Sardone they have been involved in the case of ‘[Black Lobby](’ with illicit financing.