Acción Juvenil Valencia

Organization created in June 2020 in Valencia and that is presented on its networks as a «militant, nationalist, sportsman and youth group anti-drug that defends the interests of the Valencian people. Job, struggle and tradition ». In full alarm over

Acción Social

ASTRURIAS. The group defines itself as a social-patriot association, and begins its activity at end of 2015. Since then it has carried out numerous activities in various locations in the region, such as food collections, rallies and demonstrations, campaigns, training

Alcalá 1247

Born in early 2018, it defines itself as the Patriot Social Collective of Alcalá de Guadaira (Madrid), with the motto “History-Identity-Tradition-Social Justice”. During the pandemic, he directed his criticism to the management by the Government and they join the campaign

Almería Inconforme

Organization created in 2015, the year in which only its participation in an act of tribute to “the fallen” on the beach of La Garrofa, organized by Falange, and its collaboration with the campaign «Caravana del Sur», a food collection

Asociación Cultural Alfonso I

Association created in 2012 in the city of Cantabria to defend identity, threatened according to they explain on their website, for multiculturalism and globalization. They advocate for suppression of autonomies and the exit of Spain from NATO and the Union

Asociación Cultural In Memoriam Juan Ignacio

Created in September 2011 in memory of Juan Ignacio González Ramírez, leader of the neo-fascist organization Frente de la Juventud, assassinated in 1980. The Youth Front was an organization from Fuerza Nueva that perpetrated numerous violent acts for several years

Asociación de Abogados Cristianos

Association of lawyers created in 2008 dedicated to denouncing before the courts feminist groups or actions that they consider offensive to religious sentiments.

Asociación Rodrigo de Bastidas

SEVILLA. Youth association for the promotion of identity activities, historical, cultural and social, active since October 2017. Rodrigo de Bastidas was a Sevillian conqueror who participated in the voyages of Columbus. His activity to date has consisted of commemorating symbolic

Bastión Frontal

Youth collective founded in Madrid. They are defined as: «A movement youth nationalist who arises to confront the decadent economic, political and social situation to which we Spaniards now we face”. They arise in May 2020 and bring together members


The Spanish Circle of Friends of Europe (CEDADE) was a group of national socialist ideology created in Barcelona in 1966 and dissolved in 1993. It constituted an international network for the dissemination of neo-Nazi propaganda. It was related to the


The origin of this association and social center takes place in 2006, when, in his own words: “A group of young people with experience in different patriotic projects understood necessary for Salamanca the creation of a meeting point for the


Foundation created by Hazte Oír in August 2013 to promote international campaigns with ultra-Catholic content.


The Comunidad Política Vértice is an organization that emerged in 2018 and that It was presented in Almería by two Falangist militants: Miguel Ángel Póo and José Julio Cuevas Muela. Both were on the Falange Española de las JONS lists

Devenir Europeo

Association founded in 2007, declared National Socialist, led by neo-Nazi Ramón Bau Fradera, founder and later Secretary General of the neo-Nazi organization CEDADE. Bau is considered one of the ideologues of neo-Nazism in Spain. Devenir Europeo bases its activity on

Foro Catalán de la Familia / Catalan Family Forum

[Created in February 2007]( as an entity attached to the Spanish Family Forum. Its objectives include the prohibition of abortion, euthanasia and homosexual marriage.

Frente Atlético

Ultra fan group of the Club Atlético de Madrid founded in 1982 and which in 2014 had around 4,000 members.

Fundación Francisco Franco

The Francisco Franco National Foundation is a private institution that It was created in 1976 to spread the memory and work of the dictator Francisco Franco. It has legal personality as a cultural association. Its main activity is the management


Founded at the end of 2019, it takes the name of another existing group years ago of the same ideology in the Madrid town. With hardly any activity, its journey begins coinciding with the pandemic and direct their campaigns and

Hammerskin Spain

Spanish delegation of the international group Hammerskin, outlawed in 2009.

Hazte Oír

HazteOir is a Spanish far-right, ultra-Catholic and ultra-conservative association founded by Ignacio Arsuaga in February 2001. Since 2013 he has been part of the CitizenGo pressure group, an organization with similar characteristics founded by HazteOir herself.

Hogar Social Madrid

Hogar Social Madrid (HSM) emerged in 2014 with the occupation of a empty property in a migrant and multicultural working-class neighborhood of Madrid. They copy the model of the Italian fascist group CasaPound, born in 2003, which started occupying a

La España en Marcha

La España en Marcha (LEM) was formed in 2013 for the 2014 European elections as a coalition of far-right parties. The coalition won 17000 votes. The stated goal of the coalition is “the recovery of patriotic greatness, opposition to disintegrating

Lo Nuestro

Self-proclaimed far-right group as “patriot” and “social”, with activity in Alicante and Murcia.

Málaga 1487

Extreme right group of Málaga that honors the year of the expulsion of Muslims from Malaga.


Group active since 2013 in Málaga city, takes its name from the date it the city was taken by the Catholic Monarchs. Since 2017 they have managed the La Jábega Social Center, where they deploy part of their activities as


Ultra-Catholic association whose ideological bases are its rejection of feminism, historical memory or homosexuality.


In February 2020, several far-right organizations met in Zaragoza to prepare a new coordinator of sociocultural entities to act in coordination in the “cultural and metapolitical terrain.” Since April 2020, these groups have disseminated various communications and campaigns, under the