Academia Christiana

“Identitarian and catholic” youth organisation and training institute founded in 2013. They promote rootedness, patriotism, defending a “third way” to live with a community against neoliberalism and marxism. They organise conferences, training weekends and yearly summer camps.

Action Française

The Action française (Centre Royaliste d’Action Française (CRAF)) is a counter-revolutionary nationalist and monarchist organisation founded in 1898 by Charles Maurras, Maurice Pujo and Henri Vaugeois, in the historical context of the Dreyfus affair. It is known for its xenophobia


Alvarium is an identitarian organisation based in Angers, founded in 2017 by Jean-Eudes Gannat. It is dissolved on November 17th 2021 by the French governement for inciting to discrimination and hate on the basis of race, sexuality, gender and religion

Auctorum Social

“Social” organisation founded in October 2019 under the banner of “Identity, Community, Social Justice” in Versailles. Similar to Bastion Social (dissolved in April 2019) and Génération Identitaire (dissolved in March 2021), it aims at distributing supplies to French people in

Audace Lyon

Created in September 2019 from the ashes of Bastion Social. It has similar goals and similar people involved: protecting identity and conducting “social” activities for French people only.

Avant Guarde

L’Avant Guarde is a organisation/movement that aims to create and sustain political engagement at the local level through an active network. It was created in 2015 by Charles Millon (president), Charles Beigbeder and Julie Graziani. The motivating values are the

Bastion Social

Neo-fascist organisation born from the ashes of the Groupe Union Défencse (GUD) in 2017 in Lyon, and inspired by the Italian neo-fascist movement Casa Pound. It opened local sections in Lyon (Lugdunum – Bastion Social) and inspired local sections in

Bordeaux Nationaliste

Activist group in Bordeaux close to Yvan Benedetti’s party Les Nationalistes.

Carrefour de l’Horloge

Carrefour de l’Horloge (known as Club de l’Horloge until 2015) is a national-liberal think tank founded in 1974 by Jean-Paul Antoine, Yvan Blot, Jean-Yves Le Gallou, Henry de Lesquen, Didier Maupas and Bernard Mazin. It is presided by Henry de

Comité de liason et d’aide nationaliste

CLAN is an organisation created in 2012 to support nationalist activists in France and Europe who get arrested by the Police. They aim to provide moral, financial and legal support to the targeted activists and their families.

Des Tours et des Lys

Local neofascist group active in Tours. Similar to other local groups such as Auctorum in Versailles, Lyon Populaire, Alvarium in Angers, their activities revolve around the promotion of identitarian slogans, physical training, “social” help and building and defending the “community”.

Égalité et Réconciliation

Organisation created in 2007 and former Groupe Union Défense (GUD) members. It revolves around Alain Soral, still its president, and promotes an ideology based on national-socialism, antisemitism, and is known for spreading conspiracy theories (fed by the COVID-19 pandemic).


Eléments is a magazine founded as an official media outlet for the GRECE, the research group of the French Nouvelle Droite (New Right). It is published every other month. Alain de Benoist is one of the founders and was the

Équipe Communautaire Paris

Équipe Communautaire Paris (ECP) is one of the local groups of the white supremacist Les Braves (formerly Suavelos), and also there biggest section with more than 50 members in the Paris region. It is advertised as a network promoting “community

Fondation Polémia

Identitarian think tank and media founded in 2002 by Jean-Yves Le Gallou (ex- GRECE, FN and MNR). It aims at defending “identity, security and European freedom” through an activity of “re-information” in front the “media tyranny”. It accordingly organises the


Fraction is an identitarian national-revolutionary rock band founded in 1994 and mainly active until 2007, but which initiated a come-back since 2019. Central members have been the identitarians Fabrice Robert -still active- and Philippe Vardon, both former members of Front

Furie française

Furie française (formerly known as La Meute) is a far-right group active in Toulouse, born out of the ashes of Génération Identitaire, dissolved in March 2021.

Génération A

Support organisation to Asselineau’s UPR, launched on December 13 2021 by Fabien Sémat, decidated to spread the party’s idea to younger people. Obviously echoes Zemmour’s “Génération Z”, RN’s “Géneration Nation” and even “Génération Identitaire”.

Génération Identitaire

Génération Identitaire was founded in 2012 (dissolved in 2021), originally as the youth section of the Identitarian Bloc (Bloc Identitaire) but became autonomous in 2016. The organisation aims at defending a white “indigenous” European identity in front to extra-European immigration

Génération Z

Génération Z (Génération Zemmour) is a youth movement and organisation launched by young activists in February 2021 to support Eric Zemmour’s candidacy to the presidential elections. Even though it is presented as an independent mouvement which was not at Zemmour’s

Groupe Union Défense

Groupe Union Défense (GUD) was a national-revolutionary far-right student organisation founded in 1968. It is known for its violent street activism and in 2017 it becomes Bastion Social.

Institut de Formation Politique

IFP is a liberal-conservative training institute founded in 2004 by Jean Martinez, Thomas Millon and Alexandre Pesey (current director). The institute’s aim is to foster political engagement as early as for high-school pupils, around the opposition to the ideologies of

Institut des Libertés

IDL is a liberal-conservative and euro-skeptic think tank founded in 2012 by the millionaire Charles Gave (president), together with Jean-Jacques Netter and Jean-Claude Gruffat. The institute has an informational, training and funding purpose.

Institut Iliade

Think tank for “the long European memory” created in 2014 by Philipe Conrad (president), Jean-Yves Le Gallou and Bernard Lugan. It can be considered as the heir of the GRECE (Research and Study Group for European Civilization), the think tank

Institut Thomas More

Institut Thomas More is a conservative-liberal think tank based in Paris and Bruxelles founded in 2004 and presided by Christian Boon Falleur. It aims at defending the European heritage and identity around the values of invididual “freedom” and free-maket economy.

La Cagoule 1937

A neo-nazi graffiti group which collaborates with many local neo-nazi and nationalist groups (Zouaves, Alvarium…). It is named in reference to a bombing attack in Paris on September 11 1937 committed by a far-right organisation CSAR (Comité secret d’action révolutionnaire)

La Cocarde Étudiante

Student union created in 2015 at Assas University in Paris by Maxime Duvauchelle, with local branches in other universities today. It aims to oppose cultural leftism in universities, immigration, and also liberalism to a certain extent. It promotes traditions, rootedness

La Manif pour Tous

Mouvement of organsations that came together in 2012 around the opposition to same-sex marriage and adoption for same-sex couples, discussed at the Parliament then. It succeeded in gathering a number of catholic-traditionalist groups into a wide movement of demonstrations. This

La Nouvelle Librairie

Historical far-right publishing house and physical book store located in Paris and re-opened by the writer François Bousquet in 2018. It is a central outlet for far-right publications including de Benoist, Camus, Institut Iliade, Langella, Le Pen, etc.

Les Braves

Created in 2016 by Daniel Conversano. Originally named “Suavelos”, it was renamed “Les Braves” in 2019. Online and physical community, openly racist and white supremacist. The network claims dozens of local sections, in France but also in several European countries.

Les Remparts Lyon

Les Remparts was created in 2021 after the dissolution of Génération Identitaire. It is now the new mother organisation of the two sub-organisations not dissolved at the time yet attached to the identitarian group : La Traboule (bar) and L’Agogé

Les Zouaves Paris

Les Zouaves is a far-right violent group founded in 2018 and dissolved by the French government on January 5 2022 as is spreads neo-Nazi, racist and white supremacist, homophobic and transphobic ideologies.

Ligue du Midi

Ligue du Midi is an indentitarian political organisation working at the regional level and founded in 2011 by Richard Roudier. It defends its regional identity and strongly opposes immigration and Islam.

Livre Noir

Livre Noir is an independant media created by François de Voyer and Erik Tegner (Former Les Républicains member, excluded from the party in 2019). The main topics announced for coverage are immigration, environment, insecurity, society and industry. In practice it


Neo-fascist groupuscule active in Paris.

Lyon Populaire

Local organisation created in September 2019, from the ashes of the Bastion Social. The goals are similar: combining the protection of identity and social justice through providing supplies to French people in need, activism, and joint conferences with the connected

MesOS Reims

Neo-nazi nationalist hooligan group in Reims.


Premise for activities as well as bar for the identitarian movement in Rouen. Formerly called Yggdrasil, it was renamed after the dissolution of Génération Identitaire. It advertises itself as a “cultural rooted organisation”.

National Council of European Resistance

The National Council of European Resistance (Conseil national de la résistance européenne) is a pan-European political organisation created jointly by Renaud Camus and Karim Ouchikh in 2017. The official aim is to gather French and European personalities to “defend the


Nemesis is a “feminist” far-right organisation denouncing in reality a migratory “invasion” and opposing Islam, through the defense of and identitarian feminism. It is a typical example of “Femonationalism” theorised by Sarah Farris, namely the instrumentalisation of feminism for racist

Oeuvre française

Founded in 1968 by Pierre Sidos (1927-2020), a historical far-right figure (OAS, Occident). He presided the organisation until 2012, when Yvan Benedetti took over the leadership. The organisation was dissolved by the French government in 2013, following the death of

Ouest Casual

Ouest Casual is a communication channel mainly active on Telegram (but also present on Facebook), posting and re-posting violent photos, videos and propaganda messages for numerous neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups in Europe and beyond. The channel is reportedly managed,

Paris Nationaliste

Nationalist activist group based in Paris connected to Yvan Benedetti’s party Les Nationalistes.

Patria Albiges

Patria Albiges is an identitarian group in Albi, born from the ashes of Génération Identitaire, dissolved in March 2021. Some of its activists were involved in a violent assault towards two left-wing student unionists in October 2021.

Pitbull Paris

Neo-nazi nationalist hooligan group in Paris.

Strasbourg Offender

Neo-nazi nationalist hooligan group in Strasbourg.


Tenesoun is a neo-fascist group born in October 2019 in Aix-en-Provence, out of the ashes of Bastion Social dissolved by the French government in April 2019. In April 2022, a new section of the group was created in Orange.

The South Face

Neo-nazi group active in Montpellier and surrounding towns, known for violent actions on “leftist” places, its participation in anti-covid pass/measures demonstrations, and for its porosity with other local far-right groups. As many other similar informal violent groups, it uses the

Valence Patriote

Valence Patriote is a far-right group active in Valence, born out of the ashes of Génération Identitaire, dissolved in March 2021.

Vandal Besak

Neo-nazi group in Besançon.

Vent d’Est

Vent d’Est is a neo-fascist group born in Strasbourg in September 2019, out of the ashes of Bastion Social dissolved by the French government in April 2019.

Zoulous Nice

Neo-nazi nationalist hooligan group in Nice.