The European Parliament

The European Parliament (EP) is one of the legislative bodies of the European Union and one of its seven institutions. Together with the Council of the European Union (known as the Council and informally as the Council of Ministers), it adopts European legislation, following a proposal by the European Commission. The Parliament is composed of 720 members (MEPs), as of the June 2024 European elections.


With the following timeline you can explore the evolution of the representation of far-right parties and groups in the European Parliament.


Entities in the European Parliament

Group of the European Right

In 1984 finally, the electoral results were sufficient for the french FN and the italian MSI, alongside with the far less relevant greek EPEN and north-irish UUP, to form a parliamentary group.

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Identity and Democracy

Identity and Democracy is a far-right political group of the European Parliament, launched on 13th June 2019 and composed of nationalist, right-wing populist and eurosceptic national parties from ten European nations. It is the successor to the Europe of Nations

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Identity and Democracy Group

The ID is the broadened continuation of the ENF (2015-2019). Newly accompanying its core parties are the finnish PS, the estonian Eesti Konservatiivne Rahvaerakond (EKRE) and the danish DF. It’s the first straight far right EP group that, due to

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Identity, Tradition, Souvereignty

The ITS group came into being after several years of intensive preparatory work, initiated above all by the austrian Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs (FPÖ) and the french FN. After just eleven months, it lost its group status when the romanian MEPs

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After the EDD, the Ind/Dem is the successive parliamentary group project of the british UKIP. By including some members like the greek LAOS, the polish LPR and the italian LN, the Ind/Dem was a significant turn to the right. Halfway

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Non Attached members 1

Although the Euro Right alliance brought new communication and interchange on a European level, it was unsuccessful with regard to the EP. The italian MEPs of the MSI were the only European mandates gained and they remained non-attached to any

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