Initially an organisation founded in 1999, it became a party in 2016. The president is the Alain Escada, a Belgian activist and former executive of the Front nouveau de Belgique (FNB), a party which has merged since then with the

Debout la France!

Originally a split from UMP (former name of the right-wing party “Les Républicains” (LR)), it became a stand-alone party in 2008 and was renamed in 2014. It was founded by Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, still heading the party today. It is a

Les Identitaires

Les Identitaires, formerly known as Bloc Identitaire, is a political organisation founded in 2002 from the ashes of Unité Radicale, a violent national-revolutionary organisation. In 2009 les Identitaires became a political party. As representatives of the Identitarian movement in France,

Les Patriotes

*In English: The Patriots* Les Patriotes was created in 2017 by Florian Philippot, former vice-president of the Front National (FN). He split to create is own nationalist and eurosceptic party. After several electoral defeats, spring/summer 2021 offered his party a

Ligue du Sud

Ligue du Sud is a far-right political party founded in 2010 by Jacques Bompard, former Front National (FN) executive. The party wants to protect its regional in front of immigration and Islam. In 2021, Ligue du Sud counts 1 Mayor,

Mouvement National Républicain

MNR was founded in 1999 by Bruno Mégret as a splinter party from the Front National (FN). The departure of Bruno Mégret in 1998 was a major event for the FN who lost a lot of executives. Today the MNR

Mouvement pour la France

Mouvement pour la France is a political party created by Philippe de Villiers in 1994, which he presided until it disappeared in 2018. At the 2007 presidential elections, the party received 2,23% of the votes (4,74% in 1995). It is

Parti de la France

Parti de la France (PDF) was created by Carl Lang as a splinter group of the Front National (FN). It is known for being close to the antisemitic and neo-Nazi scene. In 2020, the PDF received media attention as Cassandre

Parti Nationaliste Français

The PNF, also known under the name “Les Nationalistes”, was created in 1983 by former French members of the Waffen-SS (Charlemagne), the military branch of the Nazi Party’s SS organisation. Some of them, such as Pierre Bousquet, had founded the

Rassemblement National / National Rally

*In English: National Rally* Main far-right political party in France (until today). Founded in 1972 as the “National Front” (FN), it directly emanated from Ordre Nouveau, a neofascist movement, and was headed by Jean Marie Le Pen until 2011. Marine

Reconquête! / Reconquest!

*In English: Reconquest!* Freshly created on December 5, 2021, it is the party headed by Eric Zemmour. The party is positioned to the right of Rassemblement National, and revolves around on a strong opposition to Islam and immigration as it

Souveraineté Identité Et Libertés

SIEL is a sovereignist political party created by Paul-Marie Coûteaux in 2011, and associate to the FN until 2016 through the Rassemblement Bleu Marine, a coaltion of soverignist parties aiming at wining the presidential and legislative elections of 2017 (2012-2017).

Union Populaire Républicaine / Republican Popular Union

*In English: Republican Popular Union* This party was founded in 2007 by François Asselineau. It is a nationalist party proponent of regaining French sovereignty, specifically through exiting the European Union therefore advocating for a “Frexit”. At the first round of

VIA, La Voie du Peuple

Created in 2001 by Christine Boutin under the name “Forum des républicains sociaux” (FRS), it was known as “Parti Chrétien Démocrate” (PCD) between 2009 and 2020 when it was renamed VIA. It is a christian-conservative party. The president is Jean-Frédéric