Alianza Nacional

Neo-Nazi party founded in 2005 by former members of the Alianza por la Unidad Nacional(AUN) and the Asociación Cultural Rey Sisebuto, led by Pedro Pablo Peña, one of the leaders of Spanish neo-fascism still active and with various backgrounds. The

Alliance for Peace And Freedom

The Alliance for Peace and Freedom (APF) is a far-right European political party founded on 4 February 2015. The main member parties had been involved in the now defunct European National Front. The party wishes to establish a network of

Alternative für Deutschland

(„Alternative for Germany“) **Strength:** 32,000 (January 2021) **short description:** **I. Party History **1. prehistory** The “Alternative for Germany” (AfD) is the parliamentary arm of the extreme right in Germany. Its founding was preceded, among other things, by the publication of


*ATTACK* is a far-right nationalist political party in Bulgaria, founded in 2005 by Volen Siderov, who was at the time presenter of the homonymous TV show Attack on SKAT TV. The leadership of the party asserts that their party is

Britain First

Britain First (BF) [used to have over two million followers on Facebook]( when it was funded by Jim Dowson, who is reported to have raised millions for the British National Party (BNP). Dowson is no longer backing the party and

British Democratic Party

The British Democractic Party (BDP) was [an attempt by former BNP activists to set up a new party]( and was launched after an attempt to unseat Griffin as BNP leader failed. The leader Andrew Brons is a former BNP MEP.

British Freedom Party

Jayda Fransen, Nick Griffin and Jim Dowson are all now involved in the British Freedom Party (BFP). Fransen is party leader, Griffin edits the newspaper and Dowson appears to be once again providing the funding.

British National Party

The most successful fascist organisation in British electoral politics is the British National Party (BNP) which got [943,598 votes in the 2009 European elections]( That year a [leaked party membership list]( revealed the party had 12,656 members. This was well

Brothers of Italy (Fratelli d’Italia)

Brothers of Italy – named after the opening words of the country’s national anthem – was formed in 2012, following the direct inheritance of MSI (Italian Social Movement), a far-right institutional party founded for the new republican regime by former

Bündnis Deutschland

The party “Bündnis Deutschland” was founded on November 20, 2022. It is a new project for disappointed AfD members. According to its own information, “Bündnis Deutschland” supported the right-wing populist voters’ association “Bürger in Wut” (BIW) with around 300,000 euros

Casapound Italy

Casapound Italy is a political movement of the far-right and of a neo-fascist and populist matrix, established in 2008 as a social association after the squat of a big building in the city center of Rome, close to main-station Termini.


Initially an organisation founded in 1999, it became a party in 2016. The president is the Alain Escada, a Belgian activist and former executive of the Front nouveau de Belgique (FNB), a party which has merged since then with the

Croatian Sovereignists

The party was originally founded in November 2019 as a political platform between the Croatian Conservative Party, Hrast-Movement for Successful Croatia, and some clerical groups. In 2020, the party entered Croatian Parliament in a Homeland Movement-led coalition. Croatian Sovereignists’ Club

Debout la France!

Originally a split from UMP (former name of the right-wing party “Les Républicains” (LR)), it became a stand-alone party in 2008 and was renamed in 2014. It was founded by Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, still heading the party today. It is a

Democracia Nacional

Democracia Nacional (DN) is a Spanish extreme right-wing political party, 1 created in 1995, without parliamentary representation. He is a member of the Alliance for Peace and Freedom. In 1995, Democracia Nacional (DN) was presented, the first party of extreme

die Heimat / Homeland

(„National Democratic Party of Germany“) **Character:** oldest and biggest traditional fascist Party, strong ties to the NS-subculture **Strengh:** 3,600 members (2019) **Short description:** The NPD was founded in West Germany in 1964 and is the oldest and biggest traditional fascist

Die Rechte

(„the right“) **character:** classical neonazi, strong ties to the NS-subculture **strengh:** 550 members (2019) **short description:** ‘Die Rechte’ is a traditional fascist party founded in May 2012. The Party is a umbrella organisation for fascist ‘Kameradschaften’, mainly in the Federal

España 2000

Party founded in 2002 after the failure of the platform with the same name that united several far-right organizations for the European elections of the year 2000. The project was led by the Valencian businessman and lawyer José Luis Roberto

European Conservatives and Reformists

The European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) is a Eurosceptic, anti-federalist political group of the European Parliament. The ECR is the parliamentary group of the European Conservatives and Reformists Party (ECR Party) European political party (formerly known as the Alliance of

Falange Española de las JONS

It is a political party formed during the Spanish transition, in October 1976. It is a legally constituted party and is registered in the Party Registry of the Ministry of the Interior. FE de las JONS is one of the

FNI-Partido Nacional Socialista Obrero Español

Neo-Nazi ideology party founded in October 2017 with the name of RE + FNI Let’s recover Spain, Front: National Identity. Its field of action is Spain but its activity is concentrated in Catalonia.

For Britain

Civic nationalist party led by prominent counter-jihad activist. FB has one elected councillor, who was a prominent former BNP activist. FBs roots are in the counter-jihad movement and it’s led by former socialist Anne Marie Waters. [Former Smiths frontman Morrisey

For the Family!

The traditionalist party “For the Family!” was founded by Andrei Kormukhin, coordinator and founder of the Orthodox fundamentalist “Sorok Sorokov” movement, in late March 2023. The relevant documents were signed on Saturday at the party’s founding congress. The congress was

Forza Italia

Forza Italia is a right-wing political party, inspired by liberalism and conservative catholic tradition; founded by Silvio Berlusconi in January 1994 together with other notables of the Fininvest group. After the political crisis and corruption scandals, denounced by the “clean

Freie Sachsen / Free Saxons

(„Free Saxons“) **Short description:** The ‘Freie Sachsen’ are a party in the German Federal State of Saxony founded in February 2021. It is a far right concurrent project to the AfD. Leader is Martin Kohlmann. They are organising many rallys

Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs / Freedom Party of Austria

(„Freedom Party of Austria“) **character:** right-wing populist **strength:** 60,000 (2017) **Short description:** The FPÖ was founded in 1956 and was a harbour for old NSDAP-members. FPÖ became the third largest party in Austria. Youth wing is the „Ring Freiheitlicher Jugend“.

Generation of Renovation

Generation of Renovation is Croatian version o alt-right movement. It was founded in February 2017. with obvious inspiration in the European Identity Movement. Party claimed to have around two hundred members. While it had struggled to build presence in the

Great Russia

Great Russia is an unregistered nationalist far-right political party in the Russian Federation. Founded on 5 May 2007 at the congress in Moscow by Russian politician Dmitriy Rogozin. A Russian monarchist Andrei Savelyev was unanimously elected chairman of the party

Greek Solution

A far-right, religious and nationalist party founded by Kyriakos Velopoulos in June 2016. The party entered Greek Parliament in the 2019 elections with 3,70% of the vote and 10 seats.

Greeks for the Fatherland

Formed by I. Kasidiaris after GD’s failure to elect MP’s in the 2019 elections. Even though Kasidiaris is imprisoned after getting convicted, online activity of his party remains regular. On February 2022, the governing conservative party, New Democracy, passed a


This organization tries to bring together several extreme-right groups with the aim to join forces and create a new platform for convergence of different neo-fascist projects. It was founded in May 2020 and presented in July with an act that

Homeland Movement

At the 2020 parliamentary elections, most of the right-wing opposition to premier Plenković and the HDZ is united in the newly-formed Homeland Movement (cro: Domovinski pokret) party and coalition, led by nationalist singer and former HDZ MP Miroslav Škoro. Škoro

Homeland Party

Britain’s largest fascist organisation Patriotic Alternative (PA) has experienced a catastrophic split. Half of PA’s regional organisers and around two thirds of PA’s officers have left the party to form a new neo-Nazi organisation called the Homeland Party (Homeland). The

Identity and Democracy

Identity and Democracy is a far-right political group of the European Parliament, launched on 13th June 2019 and composed of nationalist, right-wing populist and eurosceptic national parties from ten European nations. It is the successor to the Europe of Nations

Identity Ireland

PUBLIC [Identity Ireland]( (II) was founded by Gary Allen, Peter O’Loughlin and Alan Tighe in 2015. O’Loughlin, party leader, [spoke]( at a Pegida rally in Germany 2016 then unsuccessfully attempted to launch an Irish branch of Pegida in [February 2016](

IMRO – Bulgarian National Movement

The *Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization – Bulgarian National Movement* or IMRO–BNM (Bulgarian: VMRO – Balgarsko natsionalno dvizhenie) is a far-right political party in Bulgaria led by Krasimir Karakachanov. It claims to be the successor to the historic Internal Macedonian Revolutionary


Lega is the re-styled party lead from 2017 by Matteo Salvini, after a big trial that condemned former ‘Lega Nord’ to pay 49million euros defrauded from the Italian Republic. Apart from the legal scandal, the political shift concerns a different

Les Identitaires

Les Identitaires, formerly known as Bloc Identitaire, is a political organisation founded in 2002 from the ashes of Unité Radicale, a violent national-revolutionary organisation. In 2009 les Identitaires became a political party. As representatives of the Identitarian movement in France,

Les Patriotes

*In English: The Patriots* Les Patriotes was created in 2017 by Florian Philippot, former vice-president of the Front National (FN). He split to create is own nationalist and eurosceptic party. After several electoral defeats, spring/summer 2021 offered his party a


Political party created from Ceuta by former members of Vox. on August 2022 His motto is “Spain ahead”. Its founder is Luz Belinda Rodríguez and one of its main declared enemies is feminism.

Ligue du Sud

Ligue du Sud is a far-right political party founded in 2010 by Jacques Bompard, former Front National (FN) executive. The party wants to protect its regional in front of immigration and Islam. In 2021, Ligue du Sud counts 1 Mayor,

Mouvement National Républicain

MNR was founded in 1999 by Bruno Mégret as a splinter party from the Front National (FN). The departure of Bruno Mégret in 1998 was a major event for the FN who lost a lot of executives. Today the MNR

Mouvement pour la France

Mouvement pour la France is a political party created by Philippe de Villiers in 1994, which he presided until it disappeared in 2018. At the 2007 presidential elections, the party received 2,23% of the votes (4,74% in 1995). It is

National Agreement

National Agreement (Greek: Εθνική Συμφωνία – Ethnikí Symphonía – E.SY.) was founded by Konstantinos Bogdanos, an independent Member of the Greek Parliament after his expulsion from the New Democracy party. In the announcement of the new party on April 5

National Corps Party

The **National Corps Party** (commonly shortened to Natscorpus in Russian and Ukrainian) is the political wing of the Azov Movement and currently its key component. The party’s leader is former Azov regiment commander **Andriy Biletsky**, and key positions in the

National Front

In the 1970s and early 80s [the National Front (NF) was the hegemonic force on the British far-right](, but it has been irrelevant for decades. The NF has strong brand recognition in the wider public but has failed to translate

National Front / Ethniko Metopo

“National Front” (Greek: Εθνικό Μέτωπο) is a far-right Greek nationalist political party. It has been active from 2012.

National Popular Consciousness

Formed in 2019 by Ioannis Lagos after he broke off from Golden Dawn, with the support of Konstantinos Plevris, ELASYN has a rhetoric similar to that of Golden Dawn, but appears less organized than its parent party.

National Rebirth of Poland

National Rebirth of Poland (Polish: Narodowe Odrodzenie Polski), abbreviated to NOP, is an ultranationalist far-right political party in Poland registered by the District Court in Warsaw and National Electoral Commission. As of the 2015 election, the party had no seats

Neue Stärke Partei

The „Neuen Stärke Partei“ (NSP) was founded in May 2021 as a Neonazi-Party in Erfurt. It was founded by members of the Neonazi-Group „Neue Stärke Erfurt e. V.“ **First Source:** – Homepage: (German)

New Democracy

The mainstream right-wing party in Greece, New Democracy (Néa Dhimokratía – ND) was founded in 1974, right after the 7-years-long Colonels’ Dictatorship (“The Junta”) by Konstantinos Karamanlis. The party has formed five governments from 1974 to present. While most of

New Force (Forza Nuova)

New Force (Italian: Forza Nuova, FN) is an Italian far-right political party. It was founded by Roberto Fiore and Massimo Morsello, former neofascist terrorists of ‘Third Position’ (Italian: Terza Posizione) during the so-called ‘lead years’. The party is a member

New Right

The New Right (Greek: Νέα Δεξιά, Nea Dexia) is a far-right political party in Greece. The party was formed in May 2016 by Failos Kranidiotis, former advisor to former Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, after Kranidiotis was ousted from the New

Partei National Orientierter Schweizer

(„Party National-orientated Swiss people“) **Strength:** 300 or 800 (2020 self proclaimed) **Short description:** The Swiss Party PNOS is a traditional facscist Party founded in 2000 which imitates the fascist ‘Fronten-Bewegung’ of the 1930s. In September 2020 the french branch of

Parti de la France

Parti de la France (PDF) was created by Carl Lang as a splinter group of the Front National (FN). It is known for being close to the antisemitic and neo-Nazi scene. In 2020, the PDF received media attention as Cassandre

Parti Nationaliste Français

The PNF, also known under the name “Les Nationalistes”, was created in 1983 by former French members of the Waffen-SS (Charlemagne), the military branch of the Nazi Party’s SS organisation. Some of them, such as Pierre Bousquet, had founded the

Patriotic Alternative

Patriotic Alternative (PA) is [the fastest growing fascist party in the UK at the moment]( The party has 10 regional branches across the country and these branches have grown to a point where some are now setting up sub branches.

Patriots of the great fatherland

Patriots of the great fatherland (PVO) is a former The Great Fatherland Party and a Russian nationalist movement led by writer Nikolai Starikov. The party was liquidated in 2020 and turned into a public movement of the same name. **Short

Popular Association – Golden Dawn

Founded by Nikolaos Michaloliakos in the ’80s as an obscure and occultist national-socialist (Nazi) group, Golden Dawn evolved to a party with many attempts to enter parliament during the last decades. After Michaloliakos was elected in the Municipal Council of

Rassemblement National / National Rally

*In English: National Rally* Main far-right political party in France (until today). Founded in 1972 as the “National Front” (FN), it directly emanated from Ordre Nouveau, a neofascist movement, and was headed by Jean Marie Le Pen until 2011. Marine

Reconquête! / Reconquest!

*In English: Reconquest!* Freshly created on December 5, 2021, it is the party headed by Eric Zemmour. The party is positioned to the right of Rassemblement National, and revolves around on a strong opposition to Islam and immigration as it

Reform Party UK

When Nigel Farage set up the Brexit Party (now Reform Party UK) he pulled a large number of United Kingdom Independence Party members with him, including a number of the far-right entryists, such as short-lived Generation Identity UK leader Jordan

Right Sector National Liberation Movement

**The Right Sector (RS)** is a far-right organization founded at the time of Euromaidan as a coalition of different political groups and activists ready for radical action. It subsequently became a political party represented in many regions of Ukraine. The


Rodina is official russian national conserve party registered by Ministry of Justice. It was founded in 2003 as a red-brown party to oppose communists at the parliament elections. One of the founders was leader of Congress of Russian Communities Dmitriy

Russian All-People’s Union

Russian All-People’s Union (ROS) is an official nationalist party registered with the Ministry of Justice. It was formed from eponymous movement in 2011. Movement ROS was formed on October 1991 which makes it one of the oldest nationalist movements in

Schweizerische Volkspartei / Swiss People’s Party

(„Swiss People’s Party“) **character:** national-conservative, right-wing populist **strength:** 90,000 **Short description:** The SVP was founded in 1971 as a merger of different Partys. In the 1990s they changed from conservative to right-wing populist. In the 2000s it became the strongest

Serbian Gates Movement (Dveri)

A clerical right-wing movement that advocates the establishment of a “class monarchy and a symphony of state and church.The movement originated in the mid-90`s and originated from the magazine of the same name. Dveri was founded in 1999 as a

Serbian Right

Serbian Right is far right organization founded in June 2018 self-determining from the start by advocating traditionalism, patriotism, healthy society and Eurasian integrations . The political connection between the Serbian right and its leader and the government has always been

Souveraineté Identité Et Libertés

SIEL is a sovereignist political party created by Paul-Marie Coûteaux in 2011, and associate to the FN until 2016 through the Rassemblement Bleu Marine, a coaltion of soverignist parties aiming at wining the presidential and legislative elections of 2017 (2012-2017).

The All-Ukrainian Union “Freedom”

**The All-Ukrainian Union “Freedom”** (Svoboda Party) has long been the most influential nationalist party in Ukraine. The party was created in October 1991 immediately after the declaration of Ukraine’s independence under the name Social-National Party of Ukraine (SNPU), and was

The Irish Freedom Party

PUBLIC Founded in 2019, the far right Irish Freedom Party has come to be known as an ‘astro-turf’ organisation in reference to its importing of campaign tactics and continued failure to establish a genuine grassroots base in Ireland and Northern

The National Party

PUBLIC Founded in 2016, registered as a political party in 2019, the [National Party]( (NP) ran 10 candidates in the 2020 General Election and is estimated to have a membership in excess of 300. Former Youth Defence militants with longstanding

The Phalanx / La Falange (1999)

The party was legally constituted and registered in the Registry of Parties of the Ministry of the Interior in March 1999 after splitting with the party Falange Española de las JONS following internal conflict between the factions of Diego Márquez

The Third Way / Der III. Weg

(„The Third Path“) **character:** classical neonazi, elitist, revolutionaire **strengh:** 580 members (2019) **short description:** The III. Path was founded on September 2013 by former NPD officials. The Party has a stronghold in the town Plauen (Saxonia) and Bavaria. Former members

Tricolour Flame

The Social Movement Tricolour Flame (Italian: Movimento Sociale Fiamma Tricolore, MSFT), commonly known as Tricolour Flame (Fiamma Tricolore), is a neo-fascist political party in Italy. The party was started by the more radical members of the Fascist Italian Social Movement,

Union Populaire Républicaine / Republican Popular Union

*In English: Republican Popular Union* This party was founded in 2007 by François Asselineau. It is a nationalist party proponent of regaining French sovereignty, specifically through exiting the European Union therefore advocating for a “Frexit”. At the first round of

United Kingdom Independence Party

UKIP was a coalition of right-wing opponents of Britain’s membership of the European Union. While the party has long endorsed structural racism, [former British National Party members have been banned from holding party membership]( and when supporters made racist outbursts

United Russia

**While United Russia in itself is not a far-right party it is associated with the far right as can be revealed through its connections.** United Russia is the ruling political party of Russia and has been since the early years

VIA, La Voie du Peuple

Created in 2001 by Christine Boutin under the name “Forum des républicains sociaux” (FRS), it was known as “Parti Chrétien Démocrate” (PCD) between 2009 and 2020 when it was renamed VIA. It is a christian-conservative party. The president is Jean-Frédéric

Vlaams Belang

Vlaams Belang (Flemish Interest), or “Vlaams Blok” until 2004 is a far-right Flemish nationalist political party founded in 1979 and presided by Tom Van Grieken since 2014. It has 18 Federal Deputies (of of 87) and 3 Members of the


Vox is a populist far-right party in Spain. It was founded in 2013. It entered general elections in April 2019 and became the third largest party in November the same year, when it secured 3.6 million votes and 52 seats