Blood & Honour Schweiz / Combat 18 Schweiz

**Strength:** 150-200 (2007) **Short desciption:** The chapter Switzerland of Blood & Honour is part of the international network. The Swiss chapter was founded 1997/98 in the german speaking part and 2003 in the french speaking part of the country („Romandie“).

Hammerskins Schweiz / Schweizer Hammerskins, Crew 38

**Strength:** dozens **Short description:** The SHS Schweiz started at the beginning of the 1990s. Hammerskins and Hells Angels Schweiz share the Security-Job-Business. They organise a Hammerfest every year. PNOS-President Florian Gerber is member of the SHS. Members of SHS/C38 are:

Identitäre Bewegung Schweiz

(„Identitarian Movement Switzerland“) **Short description:** The ‘Identitäre Bewegung Schweiz’ uses also the name ‘Alpenrevolte’. **First sources:** – Twitter: (German) – Homepage: (German) – Facebook: (German) – Instagram: (German)

Junge Tat

**Short description:** ‘Junge Tat’ is the youth section of the ‘Nationalen Aktionsfront’. **First sources:** – Instagram: (German) – Telegram: (German)


“Kontrafunk” is a right-wing online radio station. It is run by German Burkhard Müller-Ullrich from Steckborn in Switzerland and addresses the entire German-speaking rum. Müller-Ullrich was co-founder of the right-wing podcast “indubio” at “Achse des Guten” in 2020. “Kontrafunk” had