For the Family!

The traditionalist party “For the Family!” was founded by Andrei Kormukhin, coordinator and founder of the Orthodox fundamentalist “Sorok Sorokov” movement, in late March 2023. The relevant documents were signed on Saturday at the party’s founding congress. The congress was

Great Russia

Great Russia is an unregistered nationalist far-right political party in the Russian Federation. Founded on 5 May 2007 at the congress in Moscow by Russian politician Dmitriy Rogozin. A Russian monarchist Andrei Savelyev was unanimously elected chairman of the party

Patriots of the great fatherland

Patriots of the great fatherland (PVO) is a former The Great Fatherland Party and a Russian nationalist movement led by writer Nikolai Starikov. The party was liquidated in 2020 and turned into a public movement of the same name. **Short


Rodina is official russian national conserve party registered by Ministry of Justice. It was founded in 2003 as a red-brown party to oppose communists at the parliament elections. One of the founders was leader of Congress of Russian Communities Dmitriy

Russian All-People’s Union

Russian All-People’s Union (ROS) is an official nationalist party registered with the Ministry of Justice. It was formed from eponymous movement in 2011. Movement ROS was formed on October 1991 which makes it one of the oldest nationalist movements in

United Russia

**While United Russia in itself is not a far-right party it is associated with the far right as can be revealed through its connections.** United Russia is the ruling political party of Russia and has been since the early years