Identity Ireland

PUBLIC [Identity Ireland]( (II) was founded by Gary Allen, Peter O’Loughlin and Alan Tighe in 2015. O’Loughlin, party leader, [spoke]( at a Pegida rally in Germany 2016 then unsuccessfully attempted to launch an Irish branch of Pegida in [February 2016](

The Irish Freedom Party

PUBLIC Founded in 2019, the far right Irish Freedom Party has come to be known as an ‘astro-turf’ organisation in reference to its importing of campaign tactics and continued failure to establish a genuine grassroots base in Ireland and Northern

The National Party

PUBLIC Founded in 2016, registered as a political party in 2019, the [National Party]( (NP) ran 10 candidates in the 2020 General Election and is estimated to have a membership in excess of 300. Former Youth Defence militants with longstanding