Britain First

Britain First (BF) [used to have over two million followers on Facebook]( when it was funded by Jim Dowson, who is reported to have raised millions for the British National Party (BNP). Dowson is no longer backing the party and

British Democratic Party

The British Democractic Party (BDP) was [an attempt by former BNP activists to set up a new party]( and was launched after an attempt to unseat Griffin as BNP leader failed. The leader Andrew Brons is a former BNP MEP.

British Freedom Party

Jayda Fransen, Nick Griffin and Jim Dowson are all now involved in the British Freedom Party (BFP). Fransen is party leader, Griffin edits the newspaper and Dowson appears to be once again providing the funding.

British National Party

The most successful fascist organisation in British electoral politics is the British National Party (BNP) which got [943,598 votes in the 2009 European elections]( That year a [leaked party membership list]( revealed the party had 12,656 members. This was well

For Britain

Civic nationalist party led by prominent counter-jihad activist. FB has one elected councillor, who was a prominent former BNP activist. FBs roots are in the counter-jihad movement and it’s led by former socialist Anne Marie Waters. [Former Smiths frontman Morrisey

Homeland Party

Britain’s largest fascist organisation Patriotic Alternative (PA) has experienced a catastrophic split. Half of PA’s regional organisers and around two thirds of PA’s officers have left the party to form a new neo-Nazi organisation called the Homeland Party (Homeland). The

National Front

In the 1970s and early 80s [the National Front (NF) was the hegemonic force on the British far-right](, but it has been irrelevant for decades. The NF has strong brand recognition in the wider public but has failed to translate

Patriotic Alternative

Patriotic Alternative (PA) is [the fastest growing fascist party in the UK at the moment]( The party has 10 regional branches across the country and these branches have grown to a point where some are now setting up sub branches.

Reform Party UK

When Nigel Farage set up the Brexit Party (now Reform Party UK) he pulled a large number of United Kingdom Independence Party members with him, including a number of the far-right entryists, such as short-lived Generation Identity UK leader Jordan

United Kingdom Independence Party

UKIP was a coalition of right-wing opponents of Britain’s membership of the European Union. While the party has long endorsed structural racism, [former British National Party members have been banned from holding party membership]( and when supporters made racist outbursts