Alternative für Deutschland

(„Alternative for Germany“) **Strength:** 32,000 (January 2021) **short description:** **I. Party History **1. prehistory** The “Alternative for Germany” (AfD) is the parliamentary arm of the extreme right in Germany. Its founding was preceded, among other things, by the publication of

Bündnis Deutschland

The party “Bündnis Deutschland” was founded on November 20, 2022. It is a new project for disappointed AfD members. According to its own information, “Bündnis Deutschland” supported the right-wing populist voters’ association “Bürger in Wut” (BIW) with around 300,000 euros

die Heimat / Homeland

(„National Democratic Party of Germany“) **Character:** oldest and biggest traditional fascist Party, strong ties to the NS-subculture **Strengh:** 3,600 members (2019) **Short description:** The NPD was founded in West Germany in 1964 and is the oldest and biggest traditional fascist

Die Rechte

(„the right“) **character:** classical neonazi, strong ties to the NS-subculture **strengh:** 550 members (2019) **short description:** ‘Die Rechte’ is a traditional fascist party founded in May 2012. The Party is a umbrella organisation for fascist ‘Kameradschaften’, mainly in the Federal

Freie Sachsen / Free Saxons

(„Free Saxons“) **Short description:** The ‘Freie Sachsen’ are a party in the German Federal State of Saxony founded in February 2021. It is a far right concurrent project to the AfD. Leader is Martin Kohlmann. They are organising many rallys

Neue Stärke Partei

The „Neuen Stärke Partei“ (NSP) was founded in May 2021 as a Neonazi-Party in Erfurt. It was founded by members of the Neonazi-Group „Neue Stärke Erfurt e. V.“ **First Source:** – Homepage: (German)

The Third Way / Der III. Weg

(„The Third Path“) **character:** classical neonazi, elitist, revolutionaire **strengh:** 580 members (2019) **short description:** The III. Path was founded on September 2013 by former NPD officials. The Party has a stronghold in the town Plauen (Saxonia) and Bavaria. Former members