PUBLIC Comhrá ran a series of events in Dublin from 2017 onwards promoting far-right themes but haven’t been very active since 2019 (Twitter account is suspended). US white nationalist, Jared Taylor of American Renaissance spoke at their 7th October 2017

GRIPT media

Gript media is a website with a national to international focus that has been described as [right wing](, [alt right]( and far right (MeNeely, Gary. “Mum’s fears over anti-abortion vid; Far-right propaganda bid,” The Sun UK. October 18, 2019. Accessed

Iona Institute

PUBLIC The [Iona Institute]( was founded by David Quinn in 2007 and is registered in Ireland as a charity. The Iona Institute campaigns against [social]( and [reproductive]( rights. The Iona Institute is [reported]( to be in receipt of funding from

Irish Society for Christian Civilisation

PUBLIC Irish Society of Christian Civilisation (ISFCC) is the [Irish branch]( of the [International right wing religious movement, Tradition, Family, Property]( founded by Brazilian landowner and politician[ Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira]( Oliveira is known for anti-Semitic views [referring]( to Jewish

Irish Society for Saint Pius X Resistance

PUBLIC The Irish Society of Saint Pius X Resistance is an anti-Semitic religious cult based in Roscarberry, West Cork. Father Giacomo Ballini who [purchased]( the Roscarberry property in 2016 led an exorcism in December 2020 in response to pandemic restrictions

Life Institute

Right wing organisation connected to militant anti-choice group Youth Defence.

Síol na hÉireann

PUBLIC Niall McConnell is leader of Síol na hEireann (‘Seed of Ireland’), an ethnonationalist group founded in 2019. They describe themselves as a[ prolife Christian nationalist movement]( and have staged anti-Islamic stunts across Ireland. Ross Lahive and Andy Heasman (of

The Burkean

PUBLIC Founded in Trinity College Dublin campus in 2017 by Declan Ganleys son Micheál, the [Burkean]( has struggled to establish any sort of influence on campus, on streets or beyond its online publication whose writers post using pseudonyms. In 2021,

Youth Defence

Militant anti-choice organisation founded in 1986 and connected with the Life Institute.