A small group, mostly acting in obscurity. Aligned with the Nazi ideology. Their first appearance was in 12 October 2015 as organizers of a martial arts festival. Members of the group are frequently seen in photos with Golden Dawn leading

Sacred Band (Ieros Lochos)

(Greek: Ιερός Λόχος 2012, translated “Sacred Band 2012”, is a smaller nationalist organization, based in Thessaloniki. Founded in 2012, the group attracted publicity when its members attempted to stop the Thessaloniki Pride march in June 2017 and to interrupt a

ΑΜΕ / “Combat 18 Hellas”

Same group has been using both names. AME comes from the initials of “Independant Meandrian Nationalists”. Openly Nazi in ideology, they have used the C18 name from time to time since 2015 to 2018, when some members were arrested by