37 Gang

Far-right Telegram chat and collective of YouTube livestreamers who are hostile to Patriotic Alternative from a British nationalist perspective.

Alpha Men Assemble

Anti-lockdown activists with a large group on encrypted messaging app Telegram, which has nearly 7,000 members. They have been holding training sessions, [including boxing drills, at various places in the UK and claim to be planning direct action]( Alpha Men

Arktos UK

International far-right publisher’s UK division. Traditional Britain Group founder [Gregory Lauder-Frost is the head of Arktos UK]( and has arranged for stalls to be held at a variety of far-right events, such as the now defunct London Forum events.

Blood & Honour UK

The Blood & Honour network continues to exist although it has not organised many shows in 2020. The network organises most of the Nazi punk shows in the UK but not all. The [annual Ian Stuart Donaldson (ISD) show]( did

British Movement

The British Movement (BM) organise an annual whites-only camping trip they describe as the ‘Sunwheel Festival’, this does not appear to have happened in 2020. BM had an influx of members from National Action prior to their ban and have

Chelsea Headhunters

Chelsea’s neo-Nazi hooligan gang are still active and have attended several far-right protests over the past six years. Notably being involved in heavy [clashes with anti-fascists in a coach station in Maidstone, Kent in 2016]( and [attacking a pub where

Combat 18

Defunct neo-Nazi terrorist group which was started by the British National Party (BNP) to act as its security wing. The ’18’ is a numeric code for ‘Adolf Hitler’. Combat 18 (C18) no longer exists, in the UK, in any meaningful

Democratic Football Lads Alliance

[The DFLA has never really recovered from it’s October 2018 defeat on the streets]( of London when a large coalition of anti-fascists blocked the route of it’s march and the DFLA’s attempt to attack this coalition was violently rebuffed by

English Defence League

An anti-Muslim street protest organisation which emerged as the British National Party (BNP) was collapsing and [around 35,000 people are estimated to have attended their demonstrations]( through the course of their existence. Led by former BNP member Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, who

Feuerkrieg Division

A [group of neo-Nazi teenagers]( which was proscribed in July 2020 for encouraging neo-Nazi terrorism online. The group announced it was disbanding in February 2020.

Generation Identity UK and Eire

[Generation Identity UK and Eire]( was [renamed the Identitarian Movement which no longer exists]( Former activists are now in [Local Matters](, Identity England and Patriotic Alternative.

Hearts of Oak

Hearts of Oak held a poorly attended rally in summer 2020 which was addressed by Yaxley-Lennon over a video link. Hearts of Oak has the support of right-wing YouTuber Carl Benjamin, also known as Sargon of Akkad as well as

Heritage and Destiny

Heritage and Destiny (H&D) produce a regular magazine and organise the annual John Tyndall memorial meetings. No meeting happened in 2020 but they are expected to resume once the pandemic is over. H&D have been represented at both PA conferences

Hundred Handers

Set up by Sam Melia, now Yorkshire regional organiser for PA and husband of the fascist party’s deputy leader Laura Melia, [Hundred Handers is a sticker operation where Melia and associates produce designs for stickers]( which supporters are then encouraged

Identity England

Identity England (IE) is led by the former London organiser of Generation Identity UK (GI UK). This group is the only attempt to keep the identitarian tendency alive in Britain, following GI UK’s expulsion from the European wide network. Initially

Local Matters

Local Matters is a side of the Identitarian Movement split which has attempted to publicly ditch identitarianism and portray themselves as localists instead. They have been relatively busy holding small-scale stunts and campaigning around local issues in the north of

London Forum

The London Forum is now largely defunct [having been infiltrated by Hope Not Hate]( and then having it’s figurehead [Jeremy Bedford-Turner jailed]( for giving an anti-Jewish speech. Many attendees of Forum events are now active in PA. Prior to the

Millwall Berserkers

Millwall hooligans have long been associated with the far right and the Millwall Berserkers are the latest group to appear in this tradition. They attended the June 2020 ‘statue defenders’ protest in a large mob of Millwall hooligans and have

National Action

Neo-Nazi youth group, set up by former youth BNP members, which was proscribed in 2016 after Jo Cox MP was murdered and one of their supporters used an NA twitter account to say: “Only 649 MPs to go”. After NA

National Defence League

The Scottish Defence League (SDL) outlasted the English Defence League and drifted further to the right. At one point publicly associating with National Action (NA). In January 2020 the SDL was rebranded as the [National Defence League]( Despite the name

National Support Detachment

‘Military style splinter group’ which split from fascist party Patriotic Alternative (PA) and is led by former soldier Alek Yerbury. The NSD says they will “provide active support to nationalism in Britain, through organised efforts to overcome the tactics of

New Issues Group

A secretive organisation in the House of Lords called the New Issues Group (NIG) has been [exposed by anti-racist charity Hope Not Hate]( For more than a decade, the NIG has been collaborating with far-right activists. The group includes former

Order of the Nine Angles

A neo-Nazi Satanist scene which in the 90s was believed to have less than five adherents. Since the collapse of National Action the Order of Nine Angles (O9A) has been given a significant amount of attention due to neo-Nazi terrorists

Pie & Mash Squad

The Pie & Mash Squad were a split from the EDL, originally called Casuals United and led by football hooligan Joe Butler, also known as Joe Marsh. There have been a few occasions where [the Pie & Mash Squad have

Proud Boys UK

There is a Proud Boys group in the UK which has a relatively large Telegram channel and has held one small camping trip to date. They have not done much else.

Radio Albion

Radio Albion used to be known as Radio Aryan until Mark Collett suggested it change it’s name to something less overtly Nazi. [Run by James Allchurch](, who used to contribute to the Daily Stormer and was a prominent supporter of

Reconnaissance Detachment Moscow, 106th Airborne Division

Reconnaissance Detachment Moscow, 106th Airborne Division is a Russian right wing military unit which consists of right-wing football hooligans. This unit was created specifically to gather far-right football hooligans into one unit. The Moscow reconnaissance company first became known in

Sonnenkrieg Division

A [group of teenagers who met online]( which was proscribed in February 2020 for being a split from SRN. Several members have been jailed for making images glorifying terrorism.

System Resistance Network

In February 2020 the [System Resistance Network]( (SRN) was proscribed by the government who said it was a continuation of National Action, the banned neo-Nazi youth group.

The Reality Report

The Reality Report (TRR) are a collective of conspiracy theorist far-right YouTubers who think they’re citizen journalists. TRR helped to organise a group of DFLA supporters to physically defend the GI UK founding conference. TRR were operating within PA’s orbit

Traditional Britain Group

The Traditional Britain Group (TBG)’s annual conference, held in central London, is one of the most significant gatherings of the British far-right which [brings together people from neo-Nazis through to the hard-right of the Conservative Party]( The TBG regularly invites

Western Spring

Western Spring is a neo-Nazi group set up by former British National Party organisers Larry Nunn and Matthew Tait. When the Sigurd camps were wound up Western Spring took them over and set up the [Legion Martial Arts Club]( which

White Papers Policy Institute

The WPPI appears to be intending to become a transnational Anglophone fascist think tank and is already closely aligned with Patriotic Alternative (PA) in Britain and the National Justice Party (NJP) in the USA. They are publishing short notes on

Yellow Vest Protestors

For a brief period in 2019, [the UK had its own ‘Yellow Vests’](, largely drawn from the counter-jihad movement but mainly active around Brexit. These have disappeared with one of the leading figures, James Goddard, another far-right social media personality,