Bulgarian National Union

The Bulgarian National Union (officially registered as the Bulgarian National Union – Edelweiss), abbreviated BNS/BNU Edelweiss, is a far-right informal organization in Bulgaria based in Sofia, founded in 2000 by Boyan Rasate, which is considered to be the conceptual successor

Fortress Europe

In 2019, on the eve of Adolf Hitler’s birthday in Sofia, *Bulgarian National Union* (BNU) launched a new multinational organisation by the name of *Fortress Europe*. Among the founding members, are the French* Les Nationalistes*, Hungary’s* Légió Hungária*, Czechia’s *Národní

Pedophile Lives Don’t Matter

A relatively new informal group, initiated by Alain Simeonov, 17 years old (presenting himself as ex-)Bulgarian National Union member from Sofia, Bulgaria. Generally speaking, as he puts it, “the people involved in this social movement are wakeful thinkers, mostly young,