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Spain after the June elections: will blocking the right be enough?

For the moment, it seems that the extreme right is not gaining that many institutional positions at the state level. But it has achieved a lot of institutional power in municipalities and regions. In a state where the autonomous regions have important powers, it is conceivable that four years of regressive public policies will follow in many autonomous communities.
However, at state level, the progressive block is holding.

It remains to be seen how the balance of power will develop in the coming months.

United Against Hate: A Kilo of Information on the Spanish Far Right

De los neocón a los neonazis (From Neocons to Neo-Nazis), the collective volume edited by Miquel Ramos and Nora Rodríguez, was launched in October 2021 with a presentation that turned into a ceremony to celebrate the union of the publications El Salto and La Marea, in their converging paths to unmask the Spanish far right.