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Bohdan Yakimenko

Antifa United – Seven Antifascists Detained in Russia

On June 5, Russian police and the FSB conducted a large-scale operation and detained seven antifascists in Moscow and the Moscow region in the Antifa United case. The alleged leader of the group, Bogdan Yakimenko, was detained in Rostov-on-Don. The

Image of Yan Petrovsky in military gear.

Rusich Fighter Yan Petrovsky’s Escape From Russia

An alleged key fighter, founding member and leader of Russia’s best-known neo-Nazi unit Rusich, Yan Petrovsky, has been detained in Finland. Kyiv has sent an official request to Finnish authorities asking for the extradition of the 36-year-old Russian neo-Nazi. Our

Finland’s Cabinet of Horrors

This article was first published by the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung on Jul 13th, 2023 – by Pinja Vuorinen. The Finnish parliamentary elections were held on April 2, but it has taken almost three months for a new government to be

I’ll put a bullet in your head!

On June 27th, 2023, a 17-year-old boy, Nahel, was shot dead by a police officer during a traffic stop in Nanterre, a western suburb of Paris. A witness filmed the scene; the policeman yells, “I’ll put a bullet in your

Greek Elections: Far Right Regroups

The results returned not one but three clearly far-right parties to parliament, along with another formation that proclaims itself to be “neither right nor left”.

The Many Afterlives of Golden Dawn

Despite the fact that Greece suffered a violent history in the twentieth century, with its fair share of military dictatorships, a vicious civil war that led to the persecution of thousands of left-leaning citizens, and a peculiar post-war regime that systematically resorted to the violent repression of political dissenters, by the 1980s it seemed that far-right ideology and practices had been left behind for good. In that sense, witnessing the emergence and rapid spread of a far-right in the 2010s

The “Anti-gender” Movement: The Repressive Sexual and Gender Politics of the Far Right and Christian Fundamentalisms in Europe

Yes, feminism is the vaccine against fascism. It is a bulwark against fascism and challenges it. Because if there is something that unites and gives structure to the various extreme right-wingers apart from their misogynist agenda and their anti-feminism, it is their attempt to change the framework of this massive movement that has arisen across the planet and to convince a section of those that the movement appeals to adopt their agenda. Yes, feminism is undoubtedly the workhorse of the

“X them out! The Black Map of Racist Violence”

“X them out! The Black Map of Racist Violence” initiative arose from the need to reveal the organised hate crimes connected with the Golden Dawn neo Nazi organisation in order for the wider public to realise the extent of its criminal activity.

A Portrait of a Modern Anti-Fascist Movement: A Closer Look

The prevailing political trends are currently putting antifascists worldwide under mounting levels of pressure; taking a cue from the Cold War tradition, this politics is increasingly branding antifascism and antifascist activity as an “underestimated danger” and “left-wing extremism”. It is time we countered this ludicrous distortion of the reality of the modern antifascist movement.

The normalization of racist rhetoric

The narrative that has been created on Roma – as Cayetano Fernández writes – is a white construct that produced the legitimization of white identity.

Post-fascism and new authoritarianism in Europe

The Italian historian Enzo Traverso defines post-fascism as the contemporary form of the fascist phenomenon: an ongoing phenomenon with continuities (legacies of classic fascism) and ruptures (loose ideology, a mixture of populism and xenophobia). In Europe, the new post-fascist nationalism no longer targets – as it did in the 1930s – other nations, and in particular European nations, but rather immigration and Islam. Populist demagogues are seizing power with a bigoted agenda. Xenophobic, nationalist and racist parties are being reinforced.

United Against Hate: A Kilo of Information on the Spanish Far Right

De los neocón a los neonazis (From Neocons to Neo-Nazis), the collective volume edited by Miquel Ramos and Nora Rodríguez, was launched in October 2021 with a presentation that turned into a ceremony to celebrate the union of the publications El Salto and La Marea, in their converging paths to unmask the Spanish far right.