Introduction & Updates in National Landscape

Tensions in Kosovo continue. On the Kosovo side, Prime Minister Albin Kurti is determined to put the Kosovo institutions in the whole country, including the North, under the supervision of the Government, and on the other hand, the Government of the Republic of Serbia raises the temperature because it announces that the Serbs will leave the Kosovo institutions completely. That announcement was followed by a gathering of Serbs in North Mitrovica. However, that led to threats from Pristina that the police and the judiciary would act against those who rebelled. Conflicts and tensions continue, and for now, no one can say with certainty whether they represent the end of the solution to the Kosovo problem or the beginning of some kind of new conflict.

Transnational Activities & Group Interactions

After reduced activity in October, far-right groups and organizations are back in full swing. The youth and “far-right humanitarian” organization Rudder( Kormilo) was especially active in the international field. First, with the participation of far-right groups from Italy (Bloco studetesco and Act), they celebrated November 11, when World War One was practically over.
The Rudder delegation went to Poland and participated in the traditional march of far-right organizations there. The cooperation of the far right from Serbia and Poland goes back two decades and began with the cooperation between Poland and the Serbian Blood and Honor Division at the beginning of the 21st century. There are frequent messages of support for the Serbian far-right in the fight for the return of Kosovo to Serbia from Poland, both in stadiums and at far-right gatherings.
Apart from the connections between the Blood and Honor divisions, the connections between the Serbian Action and the national revival of Poland (Narodowe Odrodzenie) are also very well known.
The neo-Nazi network “Blood and Honor,” which has been active in Serbia since 1995 and has its own club called “Club 28” inside the Garage club in Belgrade, has announced that they will organize a festival of neo-Nazi bands from November 17 to 19 in Belgrade. Hundreds of Nazi skinheads and other white racists from all over Europe and the United States of America were supposed to gather at the festival. The performances of the bands Iz Revolta (Belgrade), Providenje (Jagodina), Kristalna Noć (Kragujevac), as well as groups from Europe Hobbit (Italy), Mistreat (Finland), Obled (Poland), Skurnshot (Greece), Saubande (Czech Republic) and Whitelaw (UK) have also been announced. In the song “Naša scena”Our Scene the band “From revolt” chants “Serbia to the Serbs,” while in the track “One people,” the music is borrowed from the Polish neo-Nazi band Konkwista 88. Providence and Crystal Night were once the “official bands” of the Serbian division “Blood and Honor” – Combat 18, a neo-Nazi skinhead network that operates in Serbia and Republika Srpska. The concert is planned to take place in the club “Garage,” The organizer of this “festival” is the neo-Nazi group Club 28, which in October 2020 planned to hold a concert in the BIGZ building in memory of Jan Stewart Donaldson, the leader of the international neo-Nazi skinhead network “Blood and Honor,” who died in a traffic accident. accident in 1993.
The timely reaction of the anti-fascist public prevented that concert.
Thanks to the involvement of local anti-fascist groups in Belgrade and Novi Sad, this festival also was not held; that is, the organizers canceled the festival due to public pressure and threats from the police that the gathering would be banned. At the end of the month, that is, on November 25-26, the second far-right book fair was held in Belgrade. The “fair” was held on the premises of club 451 in Belgrade and on the property of the Zentropa group, which was the official host of the event, a dozen other far-right publishers and publishing houses, such as “Ishodiste,” which emerged from the banned far-right organization Obraz, or “Catena Mundi,” which associated with the far-right parliamentary movement Gates (Dveri), as well as the publications and books of the far-right organization Carostavnik, which functions as a club and the heritage of the ideas of the fascist movement Zbor and Dimitrije Ljotić, who was an original fascist between the two wars, and a collaborator and Nazi servant during the war.

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