At the end of December, a new organization called “Eco Revolutionary Action” was founded. The organization is part of the Belgrade Nationalists network, which was formed last year by the American neo-Nazi Robert Rundo. The new organization is in fact part of the far-right neo-Nazi scene that is trying to impose itself with an eco-fascist program. They appeared in December at environmental protests and roadblocks organized throughout Serbia. For now, the organization exists only in Belgrade and is active on social networks and neo-Nazi telegram groups. Their symbol is the green Leben rune on a black-green background. They try to promote the ideology of eco-fascism and very often quote Petti Lincola, a Finnish eco-fascist.
For the beginning of February, on 4th of February the far-right network of Belgrade nationalists, more precisely one organization from that network, is planning to commemorate the suicide of Milan Nedić, the president of the Serbian collaborationist government from the Second World War.