In the first week of February in Belgrade, at the Farenhait 451 club owned by Zentropa, an organization from the far right network organized by Robert Rundo, anonced a concert by a neo-Nazi who calls herself Ewiger Sturm. The concert was canceled due to the timely action of the anti-fascists and due to public pressure. On February 21, a group of far-right groups from Belgrade gathered in a network of Belgrade nationalists organized a day of remembrance for Zoran Vujovic, a far-right activist who died in 2008 while trying to set fire to the United States embassy in Belgrade. The gathering was attended by about 60 members of the far right from Belgrade and the surrounding area. On February 24. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began. The authorities in Serbia have decided not to impose sanctions on Russia, and thus Serbia has become one of the few countries in Europe that has not done so. The division on the far right between the pro-Russian and the pro-Ukrainian far right, which has existed since last year and a half, has become even deeper. The network of far right groups gathered in the organization Belgrade Nationalists was quite passive and calls for an end to the war. While the pro-Russian side, which is much bigger, is much more aggressive and openly supports Russia in the aggression and Putin in the occupation of Ukraine. So on March 4. pro-Russian organizations of the far right organized a rally in support of Russia. The rally was formally organized by the anti-migrant organization People’s Patrol, but all far-right groups participated in the rally, whether they support the government or are in opposition.Few thousand people from all pro russian far right gathered in center of Belgrade. Organisation was split between People’s patrol, forbidden far right organisation Obraz and Gates(Dveri) movemnt. They gathered in front of the monument of tzar Nikolai II in Belgrade, and after the speeches walk to Russian and Belorussian embassy. In the meantime, the Serbian government condemned the Russian aggression against Ukraine, but that did not stop the pro-Russian media and the far right from continuing to support the aggression. On several occasions, a caravan of cars was organized through Belgrade with the symbols of the Russian imperial state in support of Russian aggression. The far-right Leviathan movement even tried to found a Serbian-Russian party and thus participated in the elections that will be held in Serbia on April 3, but they did not succeed. News about volunteers from Serbia who are going to the front in Ukraine, in Donbas, has appeared on several occasions, but so far it has not been officially confirmed that there is an organized detachment from Serbia on the battlefield. Some veterans of the wars in Yugoslavia in the 1990s have been in the Donbass region since the first conflict in 2014, but so far there is no confirmed information that anyone is leaving Serbia for Ukraine in an organized manner.