Alberto Ross

Member of Frente Bokerón, far-right group from Malaga. Convicted of the murder of Pablo Podadera, a 22-year-old, in April 2017.

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Diego Márquez Horrillo

Diego Márquez Horrillo was a Spanish lawyer and politician. He was involved in several militant far-right movements, most notably as leader and founding member of the José Antonio Doctrinal Circles (Círculos Doctrinales José Antonio, CJA) and the political party Falange

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Francisco Javier Ortega Smith-Molina

Smith-Molina is the Secretary General, holding the second most prominent position in the party after Santiago Abascal. He currently serves in the Congress of Deputies, and in the Madrid city Council since 2019.

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Hermann Tertsch

MEP of Vox. Hermann Tertsch del Valle-Lersundi (1958) is a Spanish journalist, writer and politician. Son of the Austrian journalist of national socialist ideology Ekkehard Tertsch — collaborator of Josef Hans Lazar, press chief of the Nazi regime in Madrid.

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Ignacio Arsuaga

Founder of Hazte Oír and its international branch, CitizenGo. A report from the Spanish Episcopal Conference also identifies him as a member of the Mexican organization El Yunque in Spain.

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Isabel Medina Peralta

Isabel Medina Peralta, 18, is the leader of the nazi group Bastión Frontal. She became famous for delivering an antisemitic speech in tribute to the Blue Division.

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