Aleksandar Vorkapic

Aleksandar Vorkapic is a former member of the far right Serbian Radical Party and one of the founders of the identity movement in Serbia. When the 2018 movement disintegrated, he became the founder and leader of the far right group

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Bosko Obradovic

Obradovic was born on 23 August 1976 in Vranic, Cacak, SFR Yugoslavia.He studied philology in the University of Belgrade, where he graduated in 2002 after writing his thesis titled “Milos Crnjanski and the New Nationalism”. In 1999, he and some

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Damjan Knežević

The organizer of the Poeples patrols is an initiative of the No Surrender of Kosovo and Metohija the founder and former vice president of the Serbian party Zavetnici.He left the movement, and today’s party, at the end of 2014 after

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Misa Vacic

Misa Vacić. is current leader of the Serbian right. He became known to the general public for inciting hatred towards LGBT people on the Pride parade in 2008. As part of the SNP 1389 movement, he was arrested in September

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Pavle Bihaly

Pavle Bihaly 1982. is a Founder of Leviathan movement. His grandfather, Pavle Bihalji was executed by the Gestapo in 1941 during the German occupation of Serbia,as a communist. Bihaly was a member a former member of the neo Nazi group

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