Davorin Karačić

Member of the presidency of the Croatian Sovereignists, better known as the lawyer of Marko Perković Thompson, the most popular nationalist singer in Croatia. He is known for advocating the Ustasha greeting “Ready for home”. He publicly called political dissidents

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Marko Francišković

Marko Francišković is an anti-Semite, a hater of Serbs, an opponent of the legacy of the French Revolution, an advocate of the militarization and arming of society – from the infancy of men to their mature years – with a

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Marko Perković

The most famous singer of the Croatian far-right became famous at the beginning of the war with the song “Bojna Čavoglave” which begins with the Ustasha greeting “For homeland – ready!”. Perkovic raised his hand in Nazi salute, while the

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Tomislav Sunic

Tomislav Sunić who ran unsuccessfully for the European Parliament on behalf of the Sovereigntists, and was on Homeland Movement party list on 2020 parliamentary elections is described as the ‘intellectual guru’ of the Croatian far-right, and The Southern Poverty Law

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Velimir Bujanec

In the 1990s, Bujanec established himself as a fascist bully who beat people in the stands, smashing memorial plaques to NOB fighters, worships Hitler, burns left-wing newspaper, demolishing Tito’s bust, threatens death to Serb minority and activists, expelling “niggers” from

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