Zeta Zero Alfa

The Zetazeroalfa are a Roman musical group attributable to the area of ​​neo-fascism.
The group was born in 1997 and has several albums and various participations in compilations of the so-called alternative music, a genre strongly characterized by extreme political contents right and neo-fascist in nature.
Their music has a predominantly young audience, often politically oriented towards adherence to far-right movements or formations, in particular those linked to
CasaPound, Italy and Student Block associations.
On November 25, 2000, Zetazeroalfa presents itself together with Rupe Tarpea Productions / Perimetro al M.E.I. (Independent Label Meeting) in Faenza managing to perform live.
On 8 December 2001 one of their performances at the Piccolo Theater in Sulmona becomes an occasion for tension and scuffles when about twenty leftist activists try to block the concert. There situation is normalized only with the intervention of the police. For the facts of violence occurred the group leader Gianluca Iannone was sentenced, along with four others people, to 10 months’ imprisonment for brawl.