WotanJugend is a hardline esoteric hitlerist organisation heavily connected with nazi music scene and based on open glorification of Hitler. It was started in 2012 as a online community by a founder of a russian NSBM group M8l8th (Hitler's Hammer) Alexey Levkin from Tver and russian bonehead Ivan Mikheev from Kirov. Nazi organizer Denis Tyukin from Kirov and well known russian nazi Roman "Zuhel" Zheleznov were also involved. Nazi designer Nils from Canada who made Sputnik and Pogrom was one of the administrators.

Levkin consolidated a coalition of musicians playing NSBM and Pagan Metal. In addition to the Tver bands M8L8TH, Code of Honor, and Whispering Run, Nezhegol (Belgorod) joined the alliance, while Velimor (Tula) and the hardcore band Sober Charge (Penza) were among the friends. The movement was also endorsed by the splinters of the Pagan Front and the banned organization Blood and Honor.

WJ started as a VKontakte group in June 2012 and within two years it had 40,000 subscribers. WotanJugend described itself as an online "mini-university for supporters of right-wing ideology" and an "elite right-wing white racist community|. On 4 of November WJ took part in the NS block of "Russian march". During 2012-2013 WJ became well known among the right wing musical scene. WJ organized concerts and crowd funding for imprisoned nazis for example Gleb Tsyba who was sentenced for five years in 2014 after assault on an antifaschist. Also WJ took responsibility for the beating of socialist Dmitry Zhigalov, organized by Zheleznov on 12 March 2013.

WJ supported Ukraine and Azov during 2014 events. On 18 October 2014 the main platform on VKontakte was hacked allegedly by Russian security services but the site https://wotanjugend.info/ was still available. Then a hacked WJ group started to make prorussian claims and Levkin closed a site for unknown reason on 21 December.

In 2015 Levkin and Mikheev moved to Ukraine and [splitted](https://vk.com/@varangianrus-saga-o-chernoi-neblagodarnosti) due to several reasons. Levkin joined Azov and made his life in Ukraine comfortable while Mikheev was rejected official refugee status. VKontakte group was finally blocked and site is still unavailable. Another [group](https://vk.com/wotan_jugend_2017) was opened in 2017. Levkin opened a shop [militant.zone](http://militant.zone/) inside Cossack Housein Kiev where he sells M8l8th and WJ merch. In May 2019 WotanJugend held a private event in Kiev called Führer Night, where an altar with a portrait of Hitler was set up. In Russia police opened a case against WJ as an extremist organisation. Levkin and Mikheev are wanted. Also in 2015 five young members of local WotanJugend cell in Prague were found guilty in extremism, one member of the received a real three-year prison sentence, while the others received only a suspended sentence. Nazi Sergey Busygin moved WotanJugend ideology to Czech Republic.

The leader of WotanJugend, who as a result of a personal conflict with Lyovkin, resigned as a member of the administrators of the publicity group and renounced his Nazi ideas. In 2007, together with Denis Tyukin, he founded the DPNI-Vyatka and headed the near-football firm Dynamo Kirov. He was considered the informal leader of the local boneheads. In 2006, he got a 4.5-year suspended sentence for attacking a punk concert. In 2010, he was given a two-year suspended sentence for "justifying terrorism and inciting hatred against a social group during a performance at Russian Pervomaye. In the fall of the same year, he received another suspended sentence for inciting hatred as a member of a recognized extremist organization, DPNI-Vyatka. In late 2014, he fled to Ukraine, as a criminal case was opened against the founders of WotanJugend under the article "organization of an extremist community.