White Rex

White Rex is famous nazi spots clothing and MMA-events brand founded by Denis Kapustin (Nikitin).

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Date the founding of the brand was also not chosen randomly – on August 14, 2008 (08/14/08), which is another reference to neo-Nazi slogans. According to journalists, the main goal of the brand is to spread neo-Nazi ideology in a veiled form, by supporting sports and music events, and by the aesthetics of their clothes.

The Vkontakte [group]( “White Rex” has 45,000 subscribers. The sites of these projects have a high-quality design, feedback, the ability to purchase all products of these brands via the Internet. Otherwise, structurally, these are online stores that do not have content, but they are still of interest for our study, as an example of the implementation of commercial nationalist projects. WhiteRex brand is regularly accused of having links with the Nazis, and its creator, Denis Nikitin, does not hide his convictions: “I have lived in Europe for ten years: in Germany, Holland and Ireland. Gradually, I began to understand the ideas of nationalism. I began to ask myself why the white person was oppressed and realized that something was completely wrong. As the right was driven out of politics, they had to show their resistance by taking to the streets and beating up migrants. This was the only opportunity to protest”. Pictures printed on WhiteRex products show hostility towards communists (Commie hunting club T-shirt) and migrants (Angry Europeans – White Rex against tolerance).

**Swiss made**

White Rex official store linked to swiss brand Fighttex and has official adress Meisenweg 3, 4932 Lotzwil. Fighttex belongs to swiss businessman Peter Patrik Roth, who owns the mattress making factory Roviva, one of Switzerland’s oldest family businesses. A vice-president of a right-wing Swiss political party known as PNOS sits on the board of Fighttex.