Veneto Skinhead Front

Veneto Skinheads Front or VFS is a far-right organization, referring to neo-Nazi skinhead movements, born, according to the sources, between 1985 and 1986, on the initiative of Piero Puschiavo and Ilo Da Deppo. Studies carried out by the Stephen Roth Institute and others published by Oxford University Press, affirm the racist and anti-Semitic matrix of the group, considered among the largest and most organized, as well as symptomatic of the youth subculture of the skinhead movement in Italy .
In 1989 it was the subject of the first investigation by the Vicenza judiciary. In 1990 the organization took on the legal name of “Veneto Fronte Skinheads Cultural Association”. The movement holds a five-year rally called “return to Camelot”, which also involves other Italian and European neo-Nazi movements.

In May 1994 the movement appears in the national news for a demonstration organized in Vicenza (the first authorized by a police headquarters granted to a declared fascist and Nazi group), a rally much criticized by the institutions for the inappropriateness and negligence in the controls for the concession. of the authorization and reported for the particular violence of the slogans and the attitude of the participants, kept under strict control by the police.

In February 2022 thirteen members of VFS have been sentenced after a squadron blitz at the headquarters of the pro-migrant solidarity association in Como.