Tsargrad TV

Tsargrad TV channel is right wing project with which the name of Orthodox businessman Konstantin Malofeev has been most often associated in recent years. In April 2015, it began broadcasting on YouTube, became available on TV only in January 2016, and returned to the Internet at the end of 2017.

The launch of the new media was handled by former Fox News director Jack Hanik. Tsargrad was created exactly according to the canons of the American conservative television channel. Even the slogan was similar: “We’re not afraid to tell the truth” (the American equivalent is “Real honest opinion”). Now it’s motto is “First Russian”. From the start, Tsargrad was positioned as a TV channel with “news presented from a Christian point of view. The most discussed product of the channel in the beginning was not stories, but the article “100 Russophobes of Russia”.