Tsargrad group of companies

Tsargrad is a large group of companies owned by russian orthodox businessman Konstantin Malofeev. Tsargrad group includes eponymous media group and it’s main active ultra conservative channel Tsargrad TV and different online media to promote conservative and monarchist agenda in russian society. Tsargrad group of companies also includes Society for the Development of Russian Historical Education “Double-headed eagle”, St Basil the Great School, Safe Internet League, Tsargrad hotel and ecofarm.


Tsargrad is a Slavic name for the city or land of Constantinople (present-day Istanbul in Turkey), the capital of the Byzantine Empire. Combining the Slavonic words tsar for “caesar / emperor” and grad for “city”, it meant “imperial city”.


«The main goal of the Tsargrad Group of Companies is to revive the greatness of the Russian Empire» – said Malofeev and company put his words on their main page. A nationalist financier with Kremlin connections and his own TV channel, Mr. Malofeev has spent decades agitating for a restoration of royal rule. In an interview with [The New York Times]( he said: “The quasi-monarchy that we basically now have is a very good thing. If we were now to start calling him emperor, not president, then we wouldn’t have to change much in the Constitution.”

Society for the Development of Russian Historical Education “Double-headed eagle” is [promoted]( on main russian First tv channel.