Trustees of Article 120 of the Constitution

In Greek: «Θεματοφύλακες του άρθρου 120 του Συντάγματος»

The group is [structured]( as a network of local groups under a single leader. The orgaization is mostly active in Northern Greece. Its members are sworn-in, accepting a text called “[Holy Declaration](”. Their ideology is religious fundamentalism and radical nationalism and they are also deniers of the COVID-19 pandemic itself as well as anti-vaxxers. They wear military/police-like uniforms and use cars with the group’s insignia on them. A paramilitary structure is evident in the organization’s public appearances.

The organization justifies its actions by claiming that the Article 120 of the Greek Constitutuon (referring to the right of the citizens to resist by any means necessary in case of a violent coup) gives them the right to act according to their own selective interpretation of laws.

Members of “Trustees” include members of other far-right, fascist and neo-nazi groups, such as from Kasisdiaris’ party “Greeks for the Fatherland” and other former Golden Dawn members.