Sorok Sorokov

Sorok Sorokov (“Forty forties”) is an extremely conservative Russian social movement that positions itself as a unifying platform for people of Orthodox Christianity with an active civic position. The movement was founded on June 1, 2013, by composer Andrei Kormukhin (brother of singer Olga Kormukhina) and sportsman Vladimir Nosov. According to Andrei Kormukhin, the idea to create “Forty Forty” is motivated by the desire to overcome “a crisis of consciousness, when Orthodoxy is seen as something peripheral to the life of the country. In order to do so, he feels that it is important not to limit his activities to the boundaries of a kind of ghetto – the church fence.

The main slogan is “Russia can exist only as an Orthodox country. At the same time, Kormukhin maintains that “an Orthodox Christian cannot be a nationalist a priori:” “The 12 apostles were Jews, and Jesus was born into a Jewish family.

His main activities include building temples as part of the “200 Temples” program, combating LGBT, color revolutions, neo-paganism, sects, and the Domestic Violence Act.

In 2015, Valery Rashkin, a deputy from the Communist Party of Russia, sent a request to the FSB. In it, he declared the movement’s use of the acronym SS and its close ties with radical extremist groups, including soccer fans; the radical nature of the movement itself and the neo-Nazi ideology of many of its members; the existence of numerous testimonies from citizens about threats of physical violence by members of the movement, as well as photo and video materials documenting “violent physical actions against activists of various non-political organizations.

In March 2021, Deutsche Welle radio reported that the movement, through its social media channels, spread posts containing conspiracy theories about the origins of COVID-19 and misinformation about vaccines