[Society.Future]( is National Democracy movement founded in November 2020 by new right politician Roman Yuneman. It’s leader is Danil Mahnitskiy from “New people” party. The movement considers itself in opposition to the Putin regime. Its structure involves a limited number of members (75) and supporters, of whom there are now about 300 nationwide. The organization has six representative offices in the regions (called domains by movement members): in Moscow, Vladivostok, St. Petersburg, Ufa, Kaliningrad and Yekaterinburg. Kazan and Makhachkala are in the near future.


The movement formulates an image of the future of Russia and provides candidates for elections at various levels.


The founding convention was dedicated to the centennial of the evacuation of the White Guard troops from Crimea in November 1920. It is to this date was timed to November 11, 2020 in Sevastopol the signing of the charter for the establishment of the movement “Society. The Future.”

“This is the day of the centenary of the Russian exodus, the day when the order was signed to evacuate the last troops from Crimea and the Bolsheviks actually won,” Yuneman explained in his opening remarks.

The presentation also stated that the movement stands for protection of basic human rights and freedoms, creation of “real democratic institutions” and free market. At the same time, its founders consider it necessary to “restore Russia’s historical continuity” and change its migration policy, and emphasize that “Crimea is Russia. And the organization’s political memorandum states that the most important task of the state should be the “protection of Russians and Russian culture” in the broadest sense.